Air Humidifier Plastic Shell Mould

Air Humidifier Plastic Shell Mould

Asia Billion is a high quality ISO 9001 certified air humidifier plastic shell mould maker in China for export market. this project we made at 2019 years and now they are hot sale in the market in Europe, North America and Asia. if you want to find a reliable household home appliance plastic mold supplier, Asia Billion will be your best choosing.

Product Details

It is a new design with very good impression when you see it , it looks like a pink rose in the grass. Asia Billion make all the air humidifier plastic shell mould and metal stamping tooling for this project because customer trust us and would like to give us all of these tooling project even if we need to subcontract the stamping tooling making from our supplier. so Asia Billion thanks our customer support and trust, we try our best to finish the total project within 65 normal days from the mold purchasing order to final mass production. it is 25 days less than customer other supplier similar projects.

Production details:  


plastic injection mold

Core surface finish:

sand paper polishing

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Matt finishing

No of Cavities:

 2 cavities

Injection System

Cold runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejector pin

Slider and lifter material:

SKD 61 with heat treatment

Lead time for T1

5 weeks

Place of origin:

Shenzhen, China

Shot life:

300 000

Product Characters:

1) Very lovely and impression design , when you see the production, you eyes will feel bright

2) Smart household appliance production, it can be controlled by your mobile phone apps

3)  We use the spray-free injection molding technology to make the plastic outer shell to control the color and save the production cost

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1)  Asia Billion is the professional company for the air humidifier plastic shell mould tooling development and manufacturing

2) We are the real manufacture which can save your cost , reduce your lead time and ensure the quality in China for export market directly

3) We suggest customer to use the spray-free injection molding technology to improve the production quality of color mismatching troubles in the old projects which customer always meet.  It is one of our new technologies what we can have and can greatly help customer to solve the color issue. it is a common trouble for the home appliance industry.

Asia Billion company viewing:

Asia Billion Tool shop equipment


   With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's demands for quality life and health are becoming higher and higher. This is how air humidifiers slowly enter many homes around the world and become an indispensable type of small household appliances in dry areas. Air humidifiers are still hot sales products in China. According to statistics from relevant departments, the share of humidifier products in China is far below the level of developed countries such as the United States, South Korea and Japan. Increasing the intensity of research and development of air humidifiers will be conducive to the development of the domestic air humidifier industry, it will be very helpful to improve the quality of life and the national health. In order to meet people's needs for their use function and aesthetic function, the air humidifier product type is more refined, the shape is richer, the material is more delicate and the color is more eye-catching

  Air humidifier is a household appliance that increases the humidity of the room. The humidifier can humidify the designated room, or it can be connected to a boiler or central air conditioning system to humidify the entire building. The development of the humidifier industry has a history of nearly 20 years. After years of popularization of air quality concepts, product research and development, the market cultivation, this unfamiliar small household appliance product has gradually been accepted by people.

  Humidifiers are mainly divided into two types: household humidifiers and industrial humidifiers.

Ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic high-frequency vibration 1.7MHZ frequency, atomizing water into 1 to 5 micron ultrafine particles. it can refresh the air, improve health and create a comfortable environment.

The advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers are high humidification intensity, uniform humidification, and high humidification efficiency; energy saving, power saving, the power consumption is only 1/10 to 1/15 of electric humidifier; long service life, automatic humidity balance , Automatic protection without water; it also has the functions of medical atomization, cold compress bath surface, cleaning jewelry and so on.

   Direct evaporation humidifiers are also commonly referred to as pure humidifiers. Pure humidification technology is a new technology which is new in the field of humidification. The pure humidifier removes calcium and magnesium ions in the water through molecular sieve evaporation technology to completely solve the "white powder" problem.

  Heat evaporative humidifier is also called electric humidifier. Its working principle is to heat the water to 100 degrees in the heating body, generate steam, and send the steam out with a fan. Therefore, the electric heating humidifier is the simplest humidification technology. The disadvantage is that the energy consumption is large, it cannot be dried, the safety factor is low, and the heater is easy to scale. The market outlook is not optimistic. Electric humidifiers are generally used in conjunction with central air conditioners and generally not use separately.

  Compared with the above three, the electric heating humidifier has no "white powder" phenomenon in use, and the noise is low, but the power consumption is large, and the humidifier is easy to scale; the pure type humidifier has no "white powder" phenomenon and does not scale, and the power is small , With air circulation system, can filter the air and kill bacteria.Ultrasonic humidifier has high and uniform humidification intensity, low power consumption and long service life. It also has the functions of medical atomization, cold compress bath surface, and jewelry cleaning. Therefore, ultrasonic humidifiers and pure humidifiers are also recommended products of choice.

  If you have any question for the air humidifier or you also need a air humidifier plastic shell mould making  and plastic molding production partner , you can let us know freely.

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