WiFi Router Plastic Housing Injection Mould

WiFi Router Plastic Housing Injection Mould

This is of one of last year's project. a WiFi Router plastic housing injection mould making project and wifi router custom plastic housing mass production for one of our famous EMS customers.there are two moulds and 2 cavities of each mold. Please let us know freely if you need a good custom plastic housing supplier too.

Product Details

This is one of our successful projects what we made at 2019 years, it is already to near the WiFi Router plastic housing injection mould final life and that mean we already made more than half million router plastic housings for our customer within one year.  that also mean that our customer already sell so many wifi routers in one year , it help them to have a obvious business increasing with much higher profit with marketing share rate. Asia Billion see our customer's success as our value and future development.  now we are sure that we will be the first choosing for this client if they have some new plastic molding project. 

Production details:  


custom plastic molding

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Matt and high polishing finish

No of Cavities:


Injection System

cold runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

submarine gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

ejector pin

Slider and lifter material:


Lead time for T1

4 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

300 000

Place of Origin


Mold standard  :


Product Characters:

1) Urgent production with huge volume in short time

2)  Very short production lead time, we need to catch the customer's project launch time schedule and defeat the competitors. the real mold making time is just 3 weeks and 1 one week for improvement.  

3) V0 grade flammability rate  PC/ABS resin and UV resistance

4) Need to pass the aging testing for the router plastic housing from 20 degree below zero to 85 degree for 72 hours

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1)  Good experience for wifi router and WiFi Router plastic housing injection mould making capacity

2) We stll have the SGS testing report for aging test and UL certification for flammability  VS  other alwasy can provide nothing documents if the project need competitive cost, becuase they drop the quality control and procedues , but Asia Billion still insist on the quality is first.

3) Competitive cost and excellent customer service

4)  Understand customer concern and try our best to help them for the marketing competition and help them to win the market. it is one of our biggest difference with other mold makers

Asia Billion Production quality control:

plastic injection molding quality control

   The difference between bridge and router

  For some ordinary wireles internet users, they cannot distinguish between bridges and routers, and they don't understand what bridges and routers are too. But for professionals, the concepts and characteristics of bridges and routers are not difficult to distinguish, and they have their own advantages. Today, the Asia Billiion as a professional WiFi Router plastic housing injection mould tooling manufacture, we will take you to learn more about them:

The difference between bridge and router

  As a device that connects two networks, the bridge and the router are somewhat similar, but they are still different in nature. Among them, the bridge which is a storage and forwarding device that realizes LAN interconnection at the link layer. The bridge receives MAC frames from a local area network, unpacks, proofreads and verifies it, and then reassembles it in the format of another local area network and sends it to its physical layer. Because the bridge is a link layer device, it does not handle the protocol above the data link layer.

   Router is a device that realizes interconnection at the network layer. It is more complex than a bridge and also has more flexibility. Because routers have stronger interconnection capabilities between different networks, their connection objects include multiple types of networks such as local area networks and wide area networks. The bridge is a simple related device. Its sole purpose is to divide the physical network that is being shared into many smaller parts.

The differences between bridges and routers are mainly reflected in four aspects.

(1) The number of network ports are different. Bridges usually have only two ports. The bridges with more than 2 ports are called switches; routers can have a minimum of 16 ports and a maximum of 48 ports.

(2) The bridge can only connect two identical networks, the router can connect different networks. the router is very useful in connecting networks for different purposes or different organizations. Users can apply rules or filters to make specific data pass or not pass . it also can arrange for the data serving a certain purpose to enter a specific network connection, and other data skip this connection. The bridge is relatively good in terms of information confidentiality. It connects two peer-to-peer networks, the data is only transmitted between the two networks.

(3) Bridges do not isolate broadcasts, while routers can isolate broadcasts

(4) Different working levels. The bridge is a second-layer device. The bridge does not consider the protocol used by the user on the Internet. The bridge can transmit data at a high speed without choosing; while the router is a third-layer device. The transmitted data is controlled or routing, the rules can be used to decide how to process specific data.

  If you are seeking some wifi or wireless electronic device  custom plastic enclosures molding suppliers, Asia Billion will be your correct option, we can try out best to help you to make sure the production can be successful.  like this WiFi Router plastic housing injection moulding project, we let our customer win the market and have great marketing share rate for the production in one year.   

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