Switch Socket Plastic Mold

Switch Socket Plastic Mold

it is a switch socket plastic mold for our electricity industry customer in Asia and North America. the material is 5VA grade flame retardant PC and ABS with high glossary surface finishing.

Product Details

We make this switch socket plastic mold for our customer 3 years ago, due to the NDA and patent protection time, we can not disclose it within 3 years, that is why we have to show you right now. If you need a mold supplier , please let us know your details and we will try our best to help you.


Production details:  


injection mould

Core surface   finish:


Production     Material:


Cavity   surface finish:

High polishing

No of   Cavities:


Injection   System

cold runner

Core   Material:


Type   of gating:

submarine gate

Cavity   Material:


Ejection   system:

ejector pin

Slider   and lifter material:


Lead   time for T1

25 days

Mold   base steel:


Shot   life:

300 000

Place   of Origin


Supplier   :

Asia Billion


Product Characters:

1)      high temperature resin with 5va flame rate for fire retardant

2)      Copper insert molding inside the base part for better quality 

3)      Low cost and fast lead time injection mold

Asia Billion company overview:

Asia Billion Tool shop equipment

   Asia Billion are high expereince for the switch socket plastic mold and production, here we would like to share you how to choose a good socket .

How to choose a high-quality power socket?


  Power switch sockets are widely used in our lives. All kinds of electrical equipment cannot leave the power sockets and switch. Let me share with you my understanding of the power socket, it maybe help for you to buy a safe and quality power switch socket


1.     Quality:

 Quality is the most important point of a power switch socket.  How to determine the quality of a power socket, first of all, let's see if there is certification for power switch socket. This is the first step for certification by an authority. Then see if it is the latest national standard, whether there is a child protection door, whether it is lightning proof, high flame retardant, etc.


First of all, we mentioned the materials and plugs of the switch. We mainly focused on the contacts, the contact materials, and whether the switch is smooth.


The internal materials of the switch are divided into:


1) Silver-nickel alloy: good conductivity but poor hardness, not easy to rust


2) Silver-cadmium alloy: there will be electricity and electricity when conductive, which is harmful to the human body and very dangerous


3) sterling silver: soft texture will deform over time, low melting point, not recommended


4) Copper: Good electrical conductivity, most of the mainstream products on the market use this material


2.     Socket plastic housing:


    The insulation, flame retardant, moisture resistance, and strength of the shell of the plug are as few as this. Few manufacturers will give data. Many manufacturers will do tricks and cut materials on the shell material. Especially the details such as flame retardant and anti-aging problem is high important for the final production.


 Does the surface feel smooth and does it smell strange? Many black-hearted manufacturers use second-hand plastic, which feels rough and smells disgusting, the second-hand plastic has poor heat resistance and poor flame retardant. It is easy to cause a fire, picking it up and seeing if it will be deformed or broken after drop test. These are very important. Don’t be distressed. If there is leakage or fire, there will often be in major dangers.


3.     Wires:


 Pay attention to the wire's cover, copper wire, and welding method.


  Out cover: it is the material on outside the wires, how thick it is, how insulating it is, and how much it can withstand temperature, these will be shown on the wire.


  Copper wire: The amount in the copper wire and the size of the wire determine the voltage that the power socket can bear. The small copper content is easily overloaded and the heat will cause an explosion and fire. The main criterion is that under the 20 degrees the electrical resistance can’t exceed 26 ohms.


  Welding technics: It is best to use one-piece copper sheet with few riveted parts, because the riveted part is easily overheated and will break. The one-piece type has less riveting, which reduces the influence of resistance caused by overheating.


4.     Product functions:


  Nowadays, the level of socket and plug is getting higher and higher. There are many types of socket functions. There are also many innovative design products with a wide variety. Generally, it can be divided into the following categories:


1) Remote control socket: it is a socket with a remote control, use the remote control to control the switch


2) Metering socket: the built-in measuring device can detect current, voltage, effective power, and effective quantity of electric charge.


3) Timing: for specific users, it can be set to automatically open and close within 7 days and cycle at any time period (such as growing flowers in a greenhouse, turning on the heater regularly, saving intelligent controller costs)


4) Lightning protection socket: It is equipped with lightning protection firmware, equipped with piezo-resistor, temperature fuse and gas discharge sensor.


5) Sub-control socket: One switch controls one or more connectors, and one socket has multiple switches.


6) WIFI power socket: equipped with mobile phone software, WIFI control switch and timing


7) Intelligent cloud socket: It is widely used in devices such as iot and big data.


8) USB charging socket, widely used in mobile devices such as mobile phones and charging system

  If you want to find a good partner for your mold making no matter for switch socket plastic mold or other plastic molding project. you can contact us freely.

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