Smart Water Meter Plastic Mold

Smart Water Meter Plastic Mold

Asia Billion is a smart water meter plastic mold manufacturer in China for global market. This project was finished at 2017 years and we only can show them after you can buy the final production from the market easily. It is the new generation iot smart water meter for our Europe customer. If you are seeking the smart meter plastic housing mold supplier, Asia Billion will be glad to cooperate with you too.

Product Details

This project is the smart water meter plastic mold making for our Europe customer who is a leader in the water supply industry all over the world. Totally are 2 sets 4 cavities mold. the material is PC. Now the mold had run more than two million parts in our end customer plant for mass production in the past 3 years. 

Production details:  


plastic Injection mould

Core surface  finish:


Production  Material:


Cavity surface finish:

High Polishing

No of Cavities:

 4 cavities

Injection System

Cold  runner

Core Material:

S136 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

sub gate & edge gate

Cavity Material:

S136 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejector pin and ejector sleeve 

Slider and  lifter  material:

S136 with heat treatment

Lead time for T1

6 weeks

Mould Price:

USD 24500 for 2 molds

Shot life:

1 000 000


Product Characters:

1)  New generation iot smart water meters

2) The part wall thickness is 3.5mm which need to keep the strong strength for 15 years

3) UV resistance material

4) High volume production with short lead time too

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion can finish this project within 6 weeks for first samples and 8 weeks for mold delivery. It can save at least 3 to 4 weeks than other competitors and help you win the marketing competition

2) Asia Billion always are trustable and we see the quality as our first priority

3) Cost efficient and can save you cost at least up to 20% comparing with your local suppliers.


  Asia Billion company tooling plant overview:

Asia Billion company tooling plant Overview


   Smart water meter is a new type of water meter which use the modern microelectronics technology, modern sensor technology, smart IC card technology to measure water consumption, transmit water data and settle transactions. Compared with traditional water meters that generally only have the functions of flow collection and mechanical pointer display of water consumption, this is a great improvement. In addition to recording and electronically displaying the water consumption, the smart water meter can also control the water consumption according to the agreement and automatically complete the calculation of the water fee of the stepped water price. At the same time, it can store the water data.

Components of smart water meter:

   The smart water meter is mainly composed of signal transmitter, circuit board, CPU, data memory, IC card reading device, valve control system, low voltage circuit and housing. The housing is divided into metal housing and plastic housing. Metal housing is mainly used for components with higher pressure. Plastic housing is injection molded to reduce cost. Asia Billion is an expert enterprise of smart water meter plastic mold making,  we have rich experience in manufacturing smart water meter shell  injection molds.

  With the development of IOT technology, remote transmission and automatic reading technology are the new direction for the development of smart water meters. Since the founding in China, the procedural law of paying after use has been implemented from the day when water, electricity and gas supply were available to households. Changing to pay first and then use water is against with the habits. Therefore, the prepaid form of smart card water meters has gradually turned to the direction of remote transmission and automatic reading systems. For the old water meter, the management personnel must arrive at the installation site to know the operation of the water meter. If the water meter is inverted, the water meter cannot automatically close the valve after the recharged water is used up, or even if the user removes the water meter and uses it directly. Therefore, during the use of various water meters, the management department cannot grasp the operation status of the water meters at any time, and must be equipped with certain personnel to periodically inspect the water meter installation site, otherwise, the failure of the water meter and the missing water volume cannot be known. Therefore, remote transmission and automatic reading system technology is a direction for the development of smart water meters and can solved this troubles very well. 

  In the industrially developed countries, they have many automatic meter reading systems for intelligent water meter data collection, such as remote transmission, remote sensing and data acquisition systems. The automatic reading function of smart water meters is widely used. The automatic reading function of smart water meters has been widely used in enterprises to control the rated planned indicators and actual water consumption for water conservation. In some schools in order to save water, the dormitory rooms of students also use smart water meters to control the automatic reading system. The combination of IoT and smart water meters will produce a new generation of smart water meters, which is also the current mainstream direction of smart water meter development.

  No matter you need the smart water meter plastic mold, smart gas meter plastic injection mold or the smart electrical meter plastic housing mould. Asia Billion are the expert and can help you as the excellent partner. Please contact us freely for more details.

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