Smart Watch Plastic Case Mold

Smart Watch Plastic Case Mold

Asia Billion is a high precision injection mold maker and molding company for global exported market. 90% of our production are exported to aboard countries. This project is the smart watch plastic case mold for our Japanese and Singapore customer. The material is high gloss ABS plastic from Sabic company. 2 cavities mold with submarine gate. We hope to be your smart watch and other smart device mold and molding project long-time partner too.

Product Details

   With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products have also begun to increase mobile functions. For example in the past, watches could only be used to watch time. Today, they can also be connected to the Internet through smartphones or home networks to display call information, Twitter and News, weather information, etc. This new watch called as smart watch. This type of product is mainly designed for consumers to use when it is inconvenient to use a smartphone, such as when they are riding a bicycle, running or carrying the things.

  This article mainly introduces the design points of the smart watch plastic case mold. The external dimensions of the smart watch case product are 37.36 mm x 38.80 mm x 8.60 mm, the average plastic thickness of the plastic parts is 2.0 mm, the material of the plastic parts is ABS, the shrinkage rate is 1.005, and the quality of the plastic parts is about 4.0 grams. The technical requirements for plastic parts are that there must be no defects such as flash, short shot material, flow lines, pores, warpage, silver lines, cold materials, spray lines, air bubbles, etc, and mold release agents must not be used in the molding of plastic parts. There are 5 side holes on the side of the plastic parts, which are divided into two groups which are located on the left and right sliders.

   Smart watch plastic case products and smart watches are high-end consumer electronic products, which have high requirements for the appearance of plastic parts. Plastic parts need to maintain high dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy under the premise of meeting the appearance requirements to meet the waterproof performance after assembly. The plastic parts of the smart watch shell are designed and manufactured by ABS. It is precisely the use of ABS materials to form precision plastic parts with excellent injection molding performance and excellent painting and electroplating performance, which can meet the requirements of high-end smart watches for aesthetic performance. The size of plastic parts is small, but the precision is very high up to 0.02mm. In addition, the left and right sides need to design the slider core pulling mechanism, so the mold design cavity rank is 2. The mold base is 1045 steel, the front and rear mold core steel are NAK80, which is the best hardness and surface polishing performance of the pre-hardened steel . The design of 10º chamfer at the four corners of the mold . it will help the mold core and cavity precision position. Two side locks are designed on the mold base for precise mold base positioning. A positioning pin is added between the spacer block of the mold base and the core, which is beneficial to maintain the rigidity of the mold frame. In order to adapt to the customer's habit of the mold mounting, the panel and bottom plate of the mold are lengthened, so the direction of the mold mounting is the horizontal. After the material is heating and injection, it enters the mold cavity along the gate of the flow channel. The ejection system is ejection pin. The four groups of ejector pins are located at the four corners of the plastic parts, and each group of ejector pin consists of three with a diameter of 1.2 mm. The ejector pin material is SKD 11. The standard parts of the molds all use Japanese MISUMI standard parts.

  The bottom of the ejector pin plate is designed with an ejection block to increase the rigidity of the ejector pin plate and prevent deformation of the plate. More importantly, the insert block can shorten the ejection stroke. It is beneficial to reduce the injection cycle time. The sliders on the left and right sides of the mold are driven by angle lifters. Due to the high dimensional accuracy of the side hole , it needs to be designed as a needle. Wear-resistant plates are designed at the bottom of the slider to facilitate oil storage and reduce friction coefficient. All inserts are fully nitrided to increase hardness and reduce wear. The cooling circuit is designed for the all the mold, which is great significance to stabilize the injection molding production and shorten the injection cycle time. For  this smart watch plastic case mold, the injection cycle is just 20 seconds.

Asia Billion company overview:

Asia Billion mold company Overview

  After the first trial of this mold, the sample was reviewed according to the appearance of the model, the size of the plastic parts and the stability of the mold to improve the existing problems. Through three times of repeated improvement , assembly and acceptance of customers, we have met the requirements of customers. We shipped this plastic mold to customers as planned. Currently more than 100,000 cases have been produced, which brings huge Income for our client. If you are also looking for a supplier of smart watch plastic case mold or a partner for other types of smart product molds, Asia Billion will be your excellent partner. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time!

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