Power Tool Plastic Shell Injection Mould

Power Tool Plastic Shell Injection Mould

This is a power tool plastic shell injection mould making project for our Germany customer, 2+2 cavities with twin shot over molding, the material is nylon and TPU soft material for over molding. Asia Billion can help you to develop all the plastic moulds for electric drills, electric grinders, electric wrenches and electric screwdrivers, electric hammers and impact electric drills, concrete vibrators, and electric planers. please let us know freely, if you are looking for the experience mold manufacturer.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a high quality two shot injection mold maker with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality certifications. This is power tool plastic shell injection mould project from our Germany customer, they are a famous worldwide power tool OEM company. The mold are 2 and 2 cavities and they are twin shot over molding, the cycle time is less than 60 seconds with thick wall.

Production details:  


power tool plastic mould

Core surface  finish:


Production  Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Polishing and texture

No of Cavities:

 2+2 cavities

Injection System

Cold  runner

Core Material:

8407 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

sub gate and pin point gate 

Cavity Material:

8407 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejector pin

Slider and  lifter  material:

8407 with heat treatment

Lead time for T1

7 weeks

Brand name:

Asia Billion

Shot life:

1 000 000


Product Characters:

1) Electric tool production for world famous customer, it ask the world top quality standard according to their quality standard

2) Twin shot power tool plastic shell injection mould with Hasco standard

3) It have the top quality control according to Germany end customer standard

4) One million shot life with molding guarantee time up to 5 years

5) Level 3 PPAP is needed and approved before the final samples are provided

6) DPPM study and pilot running for 24 hours molding in supplier plant to make sure the mold are running well. All the running parts and molds will be shipped to customer side for record and study. 

7) Asia Billion direct customer and end customer engineers come to our plant for audit, production monitoring and final production approval.

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion can support you , your direct customer and end customers to visit us directly.  we only do what we should do and try our best to help what we can.  Never need to thinking some more complex troubles and it will be easier for your business , no matter you are a trader or the tier 3 or tier 4 supplier.

2) All of our project is equal, no project is big and no project it too small.  we can support you as the normal ways. 

3) Asia Billion can help you optimize your ideal or design from draft or samples to final production.  and many of these operation are free for you if you can fix the mold making with us.

4) Asia Billion is a global support manufacture, we have some partner in Europe and North America , if you have some problems both Asia Billion and our partner are available to solve your troubles.



  Asia Billion company tooling plant overview:

Asia Billion company tooling plant Overview


  The world's first power tool was in Germany. The power tools started to be made of iron shells at the beginning. Until the 1960s, thermoplastic engineering plastics were applied to power tools, and the double insulation of power tools was achieved to ensure the use of power tools safety. Due to the development of electronic technology, electronic speed control power tools also appeared in the 1960s. This power tool uses transistors and other components to form an electronic circuit, and the rotation speed is adjusted by the the switch button, so that the power tool can be used according to the different objects to be processed (such as different materials, drilling diameter, etc.) ) , and can choose a different speed and strength too.

 Power tools are mainly divided into metal cutting power tools, grinding power tools, assembly power tools and railway power tools. Common electric tools include electric drills, electric grinders, electric wrenches and electric screwdrivers, electric hammers and impact electric drills, concrete vibrators, and electric planers.

Electric drill:

   The main specifications are 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 23, 25, 32, 38, 49mm, etc. The numbers refer to the maximum diameter of the drill bit drilled in steel with a tensile strength of 390N/mm. For non-ferrous metals, plastics and other materials, the maximum drilling diameter can be 30 to 50% larger than the original specifications. It is equipped with a polishing machine.

Electric wrench and electric screwdriver:

  Used for loading and unloading threaded couplings. The transmission mechanism of the electric wrench is composed of a planetary gear and a ball spiral groove impact mechanism. Specifications are M8, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30, etc. Electric screwdriver adopts jaw clutch transmission mechanism or gear transmission mechanism, specifications are M1, M2, M3, M4, M6, etc.

Electric hammer and impact drill:

  Used for drilling holes, grooving and roughening concrete, brick walls and building components. Used in combination with expansion bolts, it can improve the installation speed and quality of various pipelines and machine tools. The impact principle of the electric hammer is to generate impact power by the movement of the internal piston. The impact principle of the impact drill is to generate impact power by running in the gear, so the impact of the electric hammer More powerful.

Concrete vibrator:

It is used for tamping concrete when pouring concrete foundation and reinforced concrete components to eliminate air holes and increase strength. Among them, the high-frequency disturbance power of the electric direct-coupled vibrator is formed by the eccentric block rotating by the motor, and the motor is powered by a 150 Hz or 200 Hz intermediate frequency power supply.

Electric planer:

It is used to plan wood or wood structural parts, and it can also be used as a small table planer when it is mounted on a stand. The blade shaft of the electric planer is driven by the motor shaft through a belt.


Commonly known as grinder or electric grinder, a power tool for grinding with grinding wheels or discs.

   Asia Billion can make all the different type power tool plastic shell injection mould and plastic molding shell housing, we cooperate with many world famous power tool manufactures and well know the design and requirements. Here Asia Billion would like to cooperate and support you too.

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