Plastic Injection Molders

Plastic Injection Molders

Custom Plastic Injection molder in China with top quality and low cost for you. It is made by PC +10% mineral and used for telecommunication device for our Mexico and USA customer. Family 1+1 cavity mold to save the unit price and tooling total cost for the project.

Product Details

Custom Plastic Injection molders in China with top quality and low cost for you. It is made by PC +10%  mineral and used for telecommunication device for our Mexico and USA customer. Family 1+1 cavity mold to save the unit price and tooling total cost for the project. 

Project details as below :



Plastic Injection Molders

Core surface finish:


Production Material:

PC + 10% Mineral

Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:

1+1 cavities

Injection System

Cold runner

Core Material:

S7 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

Sub gate

Cavity Material:

S7 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:

2sliders , S7 with heat treatment

Lead time for T1:

5 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

1 000 000

Total Mold Price :

USD 8500


Asia Billion


 Product Characters:

1) Top custom plastic injection molders in Shenzhen with low cost

2)    Engineering material which selected by Asia Billion for customer , becuase customer side is lack of material engineering capacity

3)   low and high temperature testing range from -20 to 120 degree Celsius

4)   COA certifications for resin and mold steel

5)  Traceability with date code and reversion nos

    Asia Billion is one stop supplier for your mechanical components and tooling, included custom plastic injection mold, custom compression mold, die casting mold, plastic molding , rubber molding and CNC machining producction. If you have any custom plastic injection molder project or plastic molding project, please contact us freely.

Asia Billion Mold making process:

Asia Billion medical plastic enclosures mold making process

Plastic Injection Molders shop Overview:

Our Tool shop Overview

Asia Billion Quality Control

plastic enclosure molding quality control

Our Logistic Solution


Plastic Injection Mold hardness defects and preventive measures

  The use of molds is now very extensive. In order to improve the performance of mold manufacturing process, the heat treatment process is usually carried out for the molds. The common defects in heat treatment of molds are: quenching, deformation, poor hardness, electric machining cracking, grinding cracks, molds. Early destruction and so on. It can be seen that insufficient mold hardness is one of the common types of defects.

What are the reasons for the lack of mold defects and preventive measures?

There are five main aspects:

1. The quenching temperature is too low, mainly due to improper process setting temperature, temperature control system error, improper furnace installation or improper cooling tank method, etc. The process temperature should be corrected, the calibration temperature control system should be repaired, and the workpiece interval should be installed. Place it evenly and evenly into the trough. Do not stack or bundle into the trough to cool.

2, the quenching temperature is too high, which is caused by improper process setting temperature or temperature control system error, the process temperature should be corrected, and the photoelectric control system of the temperature control system should be overhauled.

3, over-tempering, this is caused by the tempering temperature setting is too high, the temperature control system fault error or the furnace temperature is too high, the furnace temperature should be corrected, the inspection and temperature control system should be repaired, not higher than the setting furnace temperature In.

4, improper cooling, the reason is that the pre-cooling time is too long, the cooling medium is not properly selected, the quenching medium temperature is getting higher and the cooling performance is lower, the mixing is poor or the trough temperature is too high, etc. Measures: tapping, entering the trough, etc.; grasping the quenching medium Cooling characteristics; oil temperature 60~80°C, water temperature below 30°C, when the quenching amount is large and the cooling medium is warmed up, cooling quenching medium should be added or other cooling tank should be used for cooling; strengthen the stirring of the coolant; at Ms+50°C Remove the threaded grinding insert.

5, decarburization, which is caused by residual decarburization layer of raw materials or quenching heating, preventive measures for controlled atmosphere heating, salt bath heating, vacuum furnace, box furnace with box protection or use of anti-oxidation coating; The amount is increased by 2~3mm.

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