Plastic Housing Mold

Plastic Housing Mold

Plastic housing mold and molding part for the electronic device. The outside surface is aesthetic surface and high requirements for this VDI 3400 texture. It is made by PC/ABS resin for our France customer. High volume mass production in Asia Billion with MOQ 20K per month with 5 years.

Product Details

Plastic housing mold and molding part  for the electronic device.  The outside surface is aesthetic surface and high requirements for this VDI 3400 texture. It is made by PC/ABS resin for our France customer.  High volume mass production in Asia Billion with MOQ 20K per month with 5 years. 


Project details as below :


electronic device Plastic Housing

Core surface finish:

VDI 3400 24#

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

VDI 3400 27#

No of Cavities:


Injection System

Cold Runner

Core Material:

1.2738 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

Submarine gate

Cavity Material:

1.2738 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:


Lead time for production

35 days

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

500 000

Mold Price Totally:

USD 8500

Production Price:

USD 0.5 / pcs



 Product Characters:

1)     VDI 3400 27# texture with high requirement for the outside surface finishing

2)     Critical requirements for the defromation and blending below 0.15mm

3)     Custom Plastic Housing mass production molding in Asia Billion own plant

4)     Middle size mold around 450 x 550 mm with short lead time

5)     Early supplier involve ( ESI) for production development due to lack of mechanical engineering capacity at customer side

    Asia Billion is a professional custom plastic housing molding and tooling manufacture in Shenzhen of China,  we can help you develop your ideals from concept to mass production . we will always support you for your production development requirements all the time no matter what it is . If you have any  plastic housing production or some other plastic enclosures , please contact us freely to realize your design.

Asia Billion plastic housing Mold Making Process:

ABIL Plastic Injection Mould Making Process

ABIL mould engineering and project management capacity

Plastic housing Tooling shop Overview:

China electronic device housing tooling shop overview

 Plastic housing and mold Certifications and Quality Control:

China electronic device Plastic housing Certifications and Quality Control

Our Packing and Logistics:

Packing and logistics

How to reduce your plastic housing mold project cost ?


Plastic housing and injection molding are widely used everywhere in our daily life. It is a normal and low cost solution for our machine or device mechanical parts.  But sometimes the price is too high and it restrict our new production development.  Here today Asia Billion would like share with you some ideals.


1)      Simple your production design

  Design is important for the plastic housing and mold cost. We need to design the part without the special features which need special mold solution, such as click, lifters, sliders or screwing.  Of course sometimes it is necessary for these feature and we have to do like this.

Some too thin or too thick wall will not good and need more cost for production, please see Asia Billion suggestions for different wall and material wall thickness proposal.


2)      Production material

Production material is one of the key factors for the unit price, we need to choose the right raw material which can meet your target, the too much exceed your testing or using environment is a big wastage for the high price engineering material.  Normally the material cost can reach to 30% to 50% of the total unit price.


3)      Mold solution and design


3.1) The mold solution also can have great effect for your project spending. If the volume is high but you just make a low efficiency one cavity or 2 cavities mold. The unit price will be higher. So please choose the proper cavity of your mold.


3.2) mold design with good solution and cycle time. The cycle time is another key factor which have great effect the unit price.  A mold with perfect cycle time always need good design solution, good mold steel and perfect cooling.  But these will increase your mold making cost.  So we need to find a proper balance solution for your project.


3.3) automatic running without second operation

  We need to make sure that our plastic housing can be made automatically. If there are some second operation, such as painting, welding, insertion or some others. The cost will increase a lot.  Normally the texture or high polishing finished are more efficient than the painting or sand blasting.  The logo also can be made by the molding directly , it is cheaper than printing .  Of course sometimes we have to do the printing for decoration.


4. Efficiency volume and proper packing

  The MOQ for the plastic housing is important for the unit price. If you just need several units and make a mold for production, this investment will be huge for your total project budget. But when the volume to much more , the unit price will be much lower.  Additionally the mold trial or molding transfer need some starting cost due to the supplier need to transfer the line, washer the machine and adjust the mold for production, normally the cost will be from several hundreds to several thousands US dollars, this cost will share to your unit price too.


 Packing is another factor which can affect your unit cost. However it depend on different marketing strategy and ideals.

If you have any question, please contact us freely for your project. 

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