Mobile Charger Shell Injection Tool

Mobile Charger Shell Injection Tool

these are 3 types mobile charger plastic housing which can be used for different european markets. Asia Billion finish the mobile charger shell injection tool making within 3 weeks for first samples afet the Purchasing order. if you want to custom make your own mobility device charger plastic housing , Asia Billion can be your strong back support.

Product Details

One of our EMS customer in European area want to develop 3 type mobile charger in very urgently. so that ask us to finished the first samples must be finished within 3 weeks and ready for production within 4 weeks.  after our total project review, we accept the time schedule for the 4 sets mobile charger shell injection tool.  now the project is well under production running and customers are discussing with us for more project  for later.

Production details:  


electronic plastic injection mold

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

MATT finish

No of Cavities:

4 and 8

Injection System

cold runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

ejector pin & ejector lifter

Slider and lifter material:


Lead time for T1

3 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

300 000

Place of Origin


Mold standard  :

Hasco equivalent


Product Characters:

1)    Consumer electronic high volume plastic molding production

2)     Excellent quality control for surface finishing and assembly mismatching

3)     V0 grade flammability fireproof plastic molding

4)     Quick lead time for mould and mass production per order

5)     Injection molding mass production are running in our Asia Billion molding plant and send the plastic housing to our customer contract EMS manufacture in China for final production assembly

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) one week T1 lead time less than our competitors with reasonable cost increasing due to our workers need to working 24 hours

2)  Each 10K units mass production lead time is just one week with some JIT logistic solution for the EMS assembly line

3)  DPPM much be controlled under 600 according to customer quality acceptance criterions

4) Strong supply chain support capacity and customer are very satisfied with us.


Asia Billion mould tooling plant overview:

                                 Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview

  The European Commission estimated in 2009 that incompatible cell phone chargers cause inconvenience to consumers and cause 51,000 tons of electronic waste in Europe each year. The European Union may enact a law to force everyone to use the same type of charger. The EU has taken similar actions in the past to reduce waste. It forces product manufacturers to provide a two-year guarantee, including maintenance costs, including transportation costs. The company is also considering the maintenance capability rating as a mandatory requirement for local maintenance. The purpose is to reduce the number of electronic charger devices that are thrown into the trash.

  The standard for universal mobile phone chargers in China was promulgated on November 14, 2006, and officially implemented from June 14, 2007 and is mandatory. The standard stipulates that the universal charger will take the form of a USB data cable and a charger with a USB port to solve the problem of incompatibility of mobile phone chargers for many years.

  On October 23, 2009, according to a report on the United Nations website, as one of the efforts to mitigate climate change, the International Telecommunication Union announced on October 22 that it had approved a solution for energy-saving universal chargers for mobile phones. This solution will enable all future mobile phones, regardless of their production and model, to use the same charger. The unified standard for mobile phone chargers has achieved significant results in reducing consumption costs, saving social resources, and reducing electronic waste. However, some problems have occurred in the implementation of the standard. For example, some mobile phones do not support USB charging in the design framework Forcibly implementing this standard will cause problems such as damage to the voltage regulator and a drop in the turn-on rate during charging. But more and more mobile phone manufacturers are approaching the direction of unified use of chargers.

  Currently the electricity and power socket in different countries are very difference , so the metal pin connectors are difference too, it is not convenient and can not change them in short time due to long habit.  

  Asia Billion can help you to realize your mobile charger shell injection tool manufacture and mass production molding, no matter what kind of standard you want.  if we have the opportunity to help you, please let us know freely , it will be our pleasure.

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