Laser Radar Detector Plastic Housing Mold

Laser Radar Detector Plastic Housing Mold

This is a high technology cutting-edge project for the autopilot device for one of China local Oversea invested company for global market. Asia Billion are the strategic partner and supplier for plastic enclosure development, laser radar detector plastic housing mold making and injection molding plastic housing mass production. If you want to find a good supplier for your this type project too, please contact us free and Asia Billion are happy to help you !

Product Details

   Asia Billion is high quality custom plastic injection mold and molding factory for global market. we always catch up with new technologies for many industries to support the plastic injection tooling and molding project for all the market what they need.  this is a project at 2020 years and now it is under the final testing now for the autopilot system. this is new cutting-edge technology which is fast developed in this several years and it can change the automotive industry by revolutionary innovation and Asia Billion Innovational Technology always are the pioneer for these kind of industries and you can see the innovation is one of our key value for the business.


Production details:  


plastic injection mould

Core surface  finish:


Production  Material:


Cavity surface finish:

MAT finishing VDI 27#

No of Cavities:

 2 cavities

Injection System

cold runner

Core Material:

LKM 738H

Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:

LKM 738H

Ejection system:

Ejector pin and ejector sleeve 

Slider and  lifter  material:

LKM &38H

Lead time for T1

5 weeks

Mold base material:


Shot life:

300 000


Product Characters:

1)  New cutting-edge project what we never know before

2) Super quality requirements with a lot of mechanical , durability and reliability testing

3) our first laser radar detector plastic housing mold making experience and very successful 


Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Customer have the mechanical engineering but not know well for the injection mold and molding industry, Asia Billion optimize the design from draft ideal design to excellent mass production design via DFM and DFMEA

2) Cost efficient and fast lead time



  Asia Billion company mould plant overview:

 Asia Billion company mould plant Overview



Introduction to Lidar Autopilot

   Environmental monitoring sensors for autonomous driving mainly include cameras and radars: 1) The camera uses image recognition technology to achieve distance measurement, target recognition and other functions; 2) The radar uses the time difference and phase difference between the transmitted wave and the reflected wave to obtain the target object According to the different types of waves used for data such as position and speed, radar can be divided into three types: millimeter wave radar, lidar, and ultrasonic radar.

  In terms of cameras, according to the coverage position of the field of view, it can be divided into front view, surround view (side view + rear view) and inner view camera. The front view camera is the most critical, which can realize the lane departure warning system (LDW) and the forward collision warning system ( FCW), pedestrian identification warning (PCW) and other functions. Front-view cameras have different solutions such as monocular cameras, binocular cameras, and even multi-eye cameras. Although binocular or multi-lens cameras have higher ranging accuracy and wider viewing angles, their high cost and high requirements for accuracy and computing chips have prevented them from mass production.

  In terms of radar, it is mainly divided into three categories: 1) Millimeter wave radar: between microwave and infrared, the frequency range is 10GHz -200GHz, and the wavelength is millimeter level; 2) Lidar: between infrared and visible light, the frequency is roughly It is 100000GHz, and the wavelength is nanometer level; 3) Ultrasonic radar: The frequency is higher than 20000Hz.

   From the perspective of the industrial chain, the link where the lidar is located has accumulated a lot of value and has a strong industrial added value. Lidar is the core component of downstream navigation, mapping and other applications. The current scarcity of production capacity leads to short supply, presenting a seller’s market and strong pricing power for downstream. Therefore, the main added value of the industry chain lies in the lidar part, and the overall profitability of the industry is relatively large.

  Please let Asia Billion know freely, if you have any laser radar detector plastic housing mold making and plastic molding project for the autopilot production or any other high technology project. Asia Billion keep learning for new things and will try our best to help you.


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