Intelligent Language Translator Plastic Mould

Intelligent Language Translator Plastic Mould

Asia Billion is a custom plastic injection mold and molding company, as we know all the new project mass production start from the mould making at first. So here Asia Billion have great opportunities to touch and learn the latest technology with our end customer together. This is the intelligent language translator plastic mould project for our Israel and USA can transfer your local language to other 40 main languages all over the world. If you need to find a good plastic mold and molding supplier for your innovational production, Asia Billion is one the best partner for you.

Product Details

This is another high technology electronic device what we call as intelligent language translator.  It can translate your local language to other main 40 languages all over the worlds, included the English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Germany, Arabic and so on.  It is very helpful and easier for business and travelling. It use the google AI technology  which can improve and keep learning  to make sure the translating result as more exactly correct as possible.  Asia Billion join this project as intelligent language translator plastic mould and plastic enclosure molding supplier, we optimize the plastic enclosure design  when we fix the project. within two money, we successfully finish the project from mold making to mass production launching. Now we are under the development of the second intelligent language translator project which have camera and screen. This new one can translate both of the voice and pictures.

Production details:  


Plastic Injection mould

Core surface  finish:


Production  Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Polishing and painting

No of Cavities:

 1+1+2+1 cavities

Injection System

Cold  runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejector pin

Slider and  lifter  material:


Lead time for T1

4 weeks

Mold Brand:

Asia Billion

Shot life:

300 000


Product Characters:

1) Google AI technology and google translating system software are installed. it is the latest cutting edge technology which can keep learn

2) Clear voice and action time is around 0.2  seconds

3) It can work well when there is no wifi

4) It correct rate is more than 97%

5) Changeable battery for AAA standard and one new batter can keep working at least 4 hours.

Asia Billion advantages for this project: 

1) Support customer for all mechanical parts included the intelligent language translator plastic mould, plastic enclosures, the silicone rubber part, the screw, the printing label and packing material.  Of course, exclude the plastic and silicone rubber project all of the others parts are outsourced.

2) Strong production realization capacity from ideal to mass production for the mechanical

3) Fast lead time and totally cost supply chain cost saving. Asia Billion help our customer save at least 18% cost of the budget price.

Asia Billion company overview:

Asia Billion company overview-2

   New intelligent voice or language translators generally have at least a dual-engine translation system and artificial intelligence ( AI ) fuzzy matching technology, which breaks through the technical bottleneck of traditional electronic dictionaries that can only translate words and phrases. For the first time, bidirectional whole sentence translation is achieved, with an accuracy rate of more than 95%.

The use of voice translator:

1) Foreign trade and business

For the boss of a foreign-related business, bring a translation machine with you to facilitate communication. Two-way whole sentence translation, full sentence pronunciation, whole paragraph translation, receiving foreign guests, sending emails, negotiating business and signing contracts, all can get it done easily.

2) Examination for studying abroad

The translator has bilingual pronunciation of natural vocals, pure American English and your standard local languages. When you want to learn, you can learn whenever you want.

3) Travel abroad

The bilingual function of the translation machine allows you to move freely when traveling abroad. For example, asking directions, writing place names, eating, writing food names, etc. It built-in travel spoken language templates, convenient for booking hotels, buying air tickets, entertainment, going to restaurants and visiting shops.

4) Work in foreign companies

Working in foreign companies, oral communication is an insurmountable threshold for newcomers. The translator has built-in various professional dictionaries with strong translation functions. Under the powerful translation functions, it is easy to get professional vocabulary.

5) Learning to charge

The owner must keep learning and recharging in order to maintain their own advantages and keep themselves or their enterprises in an undefeated position in the competition. The translator provides various downloadable training courses online to meet the needs of study and work.

6) Business and leisure

The translator has built-in dictionary, electronic photo album, calendar, memo pad, mobile U disk, world clock, game, calculator, SD card slot, recording, e-book, MP3, MP4, phone book and other functions, integrating various entertainment and Practical functions in one.

7) Entertainment

The multimedia menu contains video playback function, music playback function, picture browsing function, recording note function, e-book function, game function, etc. It can watch movies, listening to music, browsing pictures, recording, reading, playing games and other practical functions

   Asia Billion is really proud of be the part of the high technical intelligent language translator project. During the intelligent language translator plastic mould making and production testing project, we learn a lot from our customer for the new technology development and ideals. Asia Billion are trying to use our learned ideal and production realization ability to help more people to create the ideal better life.

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