Fire Alarm Plastic Box Injection Mould

Fire Alarm Plastic Box Injection Mould

fire alarm plastic box injection mould tooling from China for you. we can help you to develop all your electronic device mechanical part from plastic to metal machining. Asia Billion is a ISO 9001 certified manufacture and we can ensufre that all our production are in good quality level and competitive price.

Product Details

Fire alarm device for system is so important for the human, each year we heard that from the TV many places have fires , and people maybe die and have great lost in a big fire disaster.  Asia Billion is an experience fire alarm plastic box injection mould maker and fire alarm device plastic injection moulding production manufacture in China for global customers. we had made a lot of these type project and maybe the device in your home , the plastic parts are made by Asia Billion company.


Production details:  


custom plastic enclosures

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Matt finishing

No of Cavities:


Injection System

cold runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

submarine gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

ejector pin

Slider and lifter material:

No available

Lead time for T1

4 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

300 000

Place of Origin


Mold standard  :


Product Characters:

1) Light and artist design in order to have better viewing impression , because it is normally need to be installed in some open or important places , if the design is ugly, it will affect the feeling of your house impression.

2) Excellent surface finishing and bright color which will help people can find it very easy

3) 5Va grade flammability rate is must, it can't be burning in the fire at least for 5 minutes with 2.0mm wall thickness

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1)  Experience for the fire alarm system production development and mold making

2) Cost efficiency and short lead time , we can help you save at least 10% cost and time than other competitors

3) Good customer service and all our sales are half engineer too, we always train them ,so they can understand your meaning and answer you fast.  Many other companies the engineer can speak English and sales don't know the engineering , so it is always have soem troubles for you of thinking and communications.  Our Asia Billion is no this problem for you. 

Asia Billion Plastic Injection molding quality control:

plastic injection molding quality control


In modern urban families, many people cause fire accidents because they do not understand the common sense of family safety, so that the good and happy families are destroyed. some of them lead to the destruction of the family in the event of a resident family fire. the improper disposal and slow alarms are the cause , people should actively understand the main causes of domestic fires, master the knowledge to prevent fires and protect themselves in case of fires, and it need to eliminate them in time.

There are more than 50,000 family fires in the UK each year. Most of the fires cause casualties and major family property losses. Some of them also involve neighbors and make the fire lose even more . When investigating the cause of the fire, the vast majority of the parties involved in the fire family said that they always felt that the fire was a matter of others, and they were far away from themselves. They did not expect this time to happen to them. 

  In some large and medium-sized cities in China, household fires occur almost daily, so fire prevention is a problem that every family must pay attention to at all times. If simple fire prevention measures can be taken in advance according to the actual situation of your home, some tragedies can be avoided completely.According to statistics from the fire department, household fires have accounted for about 30% of all fires in the country. In 2013, the Chinese government has formally legislated and established a fire alarm system specification that requires all buildings and homes to be equipped with fire alarms and fire extinguisher, and needs to be networked with the fire department's network to monitor, which greatly increases the speed of fire response and greatly reduces fire occurrence and injury of safety hazards.

  Smoke alarm is one of the most important means to prevent fire.  the outer normal is some fireproof plastic housing with some electronic sensor inside the box , Its function is to detect the fire which caused a large amount of smoke. The sensitivity of the smoke alarm is considered according to the geographical location and the application environment, so as to achieve the effect that the user should have. The fire disaster happen almost same with the using of the fire. with the development of society, the wealth of  increases , it cause more and greater harm than before. Especially in cities, it has the characteristics of dense buildings, concentrated population, concentrated goods, many sources of flammable and explosive materials, a large number of points and a wide area, thus it bringing more hidden fire and explosion risks. Once a fire or explosion occurs, there will be heavy casualties and serious economic losses. Therefore we must have a sense of safety protection. According to the survey, 93% of households in the United States have at least one smoke detector. The number of households with smoke alarms has increased and the number of deaths caused by house fires has almost decreased half. The smoke from the beginning of the fire will accumulate under the indoor ceiling . The smoke detector can monitor and detect the presence of smoke in real time, and periodically detect the environment per 45s; the alarm detects the discrete light source, tiny smoke particles and aerosol through the internal intelligent sensor, once the smoke is detected, an alarm sound is output , so that people can know the fire as soon as possible and extinguish the fire in a beginning state.

  Asia Billion is a custom plastic injection mold maker in China ,  we made more than total three thousand sets varies injection tooling in the pasted 10 years include many fire alarm plastic box injection mould and other fire alarm device plastic housing molding project, please let us know freely if you have any project what we can help you too.

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