Electronic Signature Pad Plastic Mould

Electronic Signature Pad Plastic Mould

Asia Billion is a custom plastic injection mold and molding company, as we know all the new project mass production start from the mould making at first. So here Asia Billion have great opportunity to touch and learn the latest technology with our customer together. This is an electronic signature pad plastic mould project for our Middle east customer. The technology keep developing and it change a lot for our daily life, this electronic signature pad change our contract agreement making from the old paper works to electronic file.

Product Details

This is the office automation device project from our middle-east customer, it is used for the electronic signature for contract or agreement. Totally are 4 sets electronic signature pad plastic mould. 

Production details:  


Plastic mould

Core surface  finish:


Production  Material:


Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:

 1 & 2 cavities

Injection System

Cold  runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejector pin

Slider and  lifter  material:


Lead time for T1

5 weeks

Mold price:

USD 25800 for 4 molds

Shot life:

300 000


Product Characters:

1) It is used for the electronic signature of the contract and agreement

2) A4 size paper screen which can make your signature is exactly same with your writing.

3) Strong plastic housing design with high requirements for the appearance features

4) It is a very good device for the online works, and it will be a hot sales production for the home base working with contactless, especially for the epidemic situation for the global market. 

Asia Billion company overview:

Asia Billion company overview-2

  What is the Electronic signature ?

  Electronic signature is the electronic signature through cryptographic technology. It is similar to a handwritten signature or stamping. Document electronic signature software is an electronic stamping and document security system that can implement electronic Seal (ie digital signature), document encryption, signer identity verification and many other functions. It plays an important role in solving the problems of signer's identity confirmation, document content integrity and signature non-repudiation.

  Electronic signatures are a generalized concept. Digital signatures can be considered as an implementation of electronic signatures. Digital signatures provide higher functionality than the basic requirements of electronic signatures.  Current our this device use the both of the two technology.

From the definition of electronic signature, we can see two basic functions of electronic signature:

(1) Identify the signer

(2) Show the signer's approval of the content

   The legal neutrality is fully considered in the definition of electronic signatures. The provisions on electronic signatures are extracted based on the basic functions of the signature. It is believed that all electronic technical means that meet the basic functions of signatures can be considered as electronic signatures. As can be seen from the definition of electronic signature and digital signature, the two are different: the electronic signature is proposed from the legal point of view and is technology-neutral. Any electronic technical means that meets the basic functions of the signature can be called an electronic signature; Digital signatures are proposed from a technical perspective and require the use of cryptographic technology. The main purpose is to confirm the source of the data unit and the integrity of the data unit.

   Use digital certificates to digitally sign Word documents to ensure that the signer's signature information and the signed document are not illegally tampered with. The signer can sign an opinion on the document when signing, and the digital signature can also ensure that the opinion is not tampered with.The software should be embedded in the Word environment, integrated as an application component, easy to use, and friendly interface. The digital signatures and opinions generated by the operation are embedded in the Word document in an object way, which is intuitive and clear.

The software should also support multiple signatures by multiple people. Each signature can be generated anywhere in the document and is completely controlled by the signer.

The software avoids the use of macro technology to avoid software failure due to users disabling macros.

Digital certificates used for digital signatures can be stored in hardware devices such as smart cards and USB electronic tokens. These storage media have their own characteristics of high security and portability, which further improves the security of the system.

  In the enterprise, the important documents that need to be approved must be kept safe and effective, and the comments and signatures of the approvers must be left. If you use traditional methods such as fax, it will inevitably cause a large number of scanned files to be stored, and not Good management, and under the guarantee of the security system, the electronic signature will significantly improve the efficiency of document management. From this point of view, the use of advanced IT technology can promote the further development of our office paperless.

  Since the electronic signature law was promulgated and implemented in 2005, it has been widely used in many fields. Online banking, physical banking, e-government, electronic contract signing, telecommunications, banking business halls and other places. Especially with the development of the Internet, online banking uses identity authentication based on electronic signatures and is widely used.

  Please contact Asia Billion freely if you need to develop you own electronic signature pad plastic mould or other plastic molding production, just let us know and we will be back at your side to try our best to help you. 

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