Electronic Over Mold Company

Electronic Over Mold Company

Top quality electronic over mold company in China for you. The substrate part is clear PC with Over molding TPU material. big part with one small corner over molding. we can be you supplier too, please contact us freely.

Product Details

     Top quality electronic over mold companies in China. The substrate part is clear PC with Over molding TPU material. big part with one small corner over molding. 

Mold details:  


Injection mold

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

High glossy Polish

No of Cavities:


Injection System

Hot Runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

Direct gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejection Pin + ejector sleeve

Slider material:

H13 with heat treated

Lead time for T1

35 days

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

500 000

Place of Origin



Plywood Box

Product Characters

1. electronic over mold company in China

2. Short lead time comparing with our competitor and competitive cost

3.  PC plastic injection over mold

4. high polish for the PC part

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Electronic over Mould Making Process & Technics:

ABIL Plastic Injection Mould Making Process

ABIL Mould making engineering and project capacity

ABIL Electronic Over Mould Shop Overview:

ABIL ABIL Mould Shop Overview

Our Certifications and Quality Control:

Our Certifications and Quality Control

Packing and Logistic:

Packing and Logistics

The root cause analysis of electronic over molding bad bonding


     First:   Material physical properties:

         Some end users don’t know very well for the over molding material date sheet. they don't understand the physical properties through the network or other channels. Therefore, the materials are incompatible and cannot be taught. It is recommended to consult a professional supplier or material manufacturer before determining the material. Avoid direct follow-up advice from traders without technical and engineering.


   Second:  the mold and product structure


1. Product structure - thickness and area of rubber


The greater the thickness and area of the product coating, the longer the time for coating to complete the coating in the cavity, but the longer the time, the greater the temperature decrease during the flow of the compound in the cavity, and the lowering of the temperature is not conducive to the encapsulation. Bonding.


2, product structure - flow ratio


The larger the flow length ratio, the greater the difficulty of encapsulation. General overmolding mold design, the recommended flow length ratio is below 1:150. For example, the thickness of the coating is 0.5 mm, and the maximum coating length (flow direction) of the coating is recommended to be less than 75 mm. The greater the flow length ratio of the encapsulated material, the higher the requirements for the fluidity and melt strength of the teaching material.


3, mold design - runner and gate design


For some products with large enveloping area or long flow length, the design of flow interface size, gate position and quantity should be considered. The core of the enveloping process is: hot coating, so some designs are conducive to the rapid completion of the coating.


4, mold design - hot runner


For complex product cladding structures, if conditions permit, the use of hot runner molds will facilitate the realization of thermal coating, resulting in better encapsulation.


    Third:  the over molding process parameters


1, molding temperature


The over molding temperature is low, and the teaching material cannot form a coating interface with the base material. If the material selection is no problem, the encapsulation effect is not good, you can try to properly increase the over molding temperature. General package PP, recommended coating temperature: 180-250 ° C; package ABS, PC, PC + ABS, recommended coating temperature: 180-230 ° C, package PC temperature is higher than ABS.


Packing nylon temperature: 210-280 °C, PA66 is higher than PA6D coating temperature, fiber-added, heat-resistant nylon coating temperature is higher. For nylon encapsulation, it is necessary to match the corresponding teaching material grade according to the temperature resistance of nylon.


2, Over mold material drying


For plastic encapsulation of ABS, PC, PC+ABS, PA, etc., it is recommended to dry the soft rubber of the resin before the over molding, and the temperature of the baking is 60-90 °C.


3, plastic parts heating


It is recommended to use the ordinary injection molding machine to make over molding of nylon. It is recommended to preheat the nylon before the over molding. Because nylon has strong water absorption, and the molding needs a higher molding temperature. Preheating before coating can remove moisture and facilitate rapid hot coating.


4, mold temperature control


The over molding temperature is generally controlled at 30-50 ° C, but for some materials with strong crystallinity, the mold temperature can be appropriately raised at about 70 ° C, which is advantageous for bonding, and at the same time, a more lustrous coated surface can be obtained.


 Over molding is widely used for electronic and electrical industry. Asia Billion is a top quality electronic over mold company in Hong Kong with plant in Shenzhen.Contact us freely for your new project .

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