Custom Plastic Enclosures

Custom Plastic Enclosures

Asia Billion is a ISO 9001 certified custom plastic enclosures in Hong Kong and China. This part are made by recycled PP material. it is a middle volume production project with around 20K pieces production per is used for some ventilation equipment plastic housing in Europe and Africa.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a ISO9001 certified custom plastic enclosures in Hongkong and China. This part are made by recycled PP material.  it is a middle volume production project with around 20K pieces production per year.   it is used for some ventilation equipment plastic housing in Europe and Africa and mass production kn Asia Billion own injection molding plant.

Project details as below :



Plastic enclosures

Core surface finish:


Production Material:

Recycled PP

Cavity surface finish:

Polish and texture

No of Cavities:

1x1 cavity

Injection System

one drop mastip hot nozzle

Core Material:

 P20H with nitridation

Type of gating:

fan gate

Cavity Material:

P20H with nitridation

Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:

P20H with nitirdation

Lead time for T1:

5 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

500 000

 Mold Price Totally:

EUR 10000


Asia Billion


Product Features:

* Custom plastic enclosures for air ventilation equipment

* Thin wall for some area with around 0.5mm wall thickness

* Need high speed injection molding machine to fill the part and the thin wall area

* Difficult material filling and flash control between the gating area and the think wall locations. it is very challenge design for material injection filling and short shot issues

* Interchangeful insert for different production versions

* Big size part with around 700x650 with more than 1.0 kg part weight

Asia Billion advantages:

1) Lower and very competitive price for the injection mold and custom plastic molding enclosures mass production

2) Recycled PP material is used with fresh yellow and green color

3) Mass production in Asia Billion plant with MOQ 3000 pcs per order with competitive unit price

Asia Billion company overview:

Asia Billion company overview

Workshop Overview

Custom Plastic Enclosures Mould plant overview

Asia Billion  Plastic Enclosures Quality Control

Plastic enclosures Injection Tooling Quality Control

 Logistic Solution

varies logistic solution for your molds

Recycling and utilization of  PP Plastic material

   In recent years, polypropylene (PP), as a general-purpose resin with high cost performance and wide application, has been widely used in many fields of industry, agriculture, construction and daily life enclosures, and has become a very important industrial raw material. The increase in the amount of PP used has also led to a corresponding increase in the amount of waste PP. After the PP products are discarded, the environment has been greatly polluted, causing increasingly serious environmental problems. The 21st century is an era in which the global environment is protected. It is an era when resources and energy are becoming more tense. In order to manage large quantities, scattered, messy, difficult to collect or will be forced to collect and recycle, the economic benefits are very poor. The recycling method of waste PP: filling PP and enhancing PP has become a hot research topic in the world.

  PP (polypropylene), used to make buckets, plastic enclosures, baskets, lids and food containers for microwave ovens, etc. Food containers usually use No. 5 to indicate PP materials.(Common soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice drinks bottles, microwave lunch boxes. Can withstand temperatures up to 167 ° C, is the only plastic box that can be placed in the microwave oven, can be reused after careful cleaning. Need to pay attention, some microwave ovens The lunch box is made of No. 5 PP, but the cover is made of No. 4 PE. Since the PE cannot withstand high temperature, it cannot be placed in the microwave together with the case.)

  Considering the chemical properties and physical structure and properties of PP, it is known that PP is a recyclable material. There are two channels for PP recycling. One is the internal waste and material recycling of plastic processing enterprises. The general production enterprises will use the proportions according to the production needs and the new materials to use all the waste materials. Another one is recycling and consumption. Purchase PP products that have been discarded after use.

  There are two ways to recycle the waste PP. One is for direct use and the other is for modification.

  First of all, what is the direct use? Direct use means that the waste PP is subjected to certain classification, cleaning, crushing, plasticization, direct processing or granulation to form a molded product without performing various types of modification. The advantage of this method is that the process is simple and the cost of the recycled product is low; the disadvantage is that the mechanical properties of the recycled material product are greatly reduced, and it is not suitable to only make high-grade products. The waste PP can be regenerated into pellets, flocculent, etc., and returned to the original resin to be mixed, and the product of the same purpose as the original resin can be produced or melt-solidified, and various products can be directly molded. In addition, the waste PP plastic is melted and regenerated, that is, the plastic is heated and melted and then re-plasticized, which is also a direct use method.

   What is the modification ? It is a waste PP treatment method in which waste PP is modified by physical or chemical methods to gradually restore the original mechanical properties to meet the recycling requirements. The modified recycled PP has improved or improved mechanical properties and can be used to make plastic products with higher grades. There are many kinds of modification technologies for waste PP, among which commonly used are filled PP, blended PP, reinforced PP, and toughened PP.

  Asia Billion is professional custom injection mold and molding itemsmanufacture in Hong Kong and China , we made a lot of PP virgin resin , recycled PP resin and engineering modified PP resin ( such as : PP + Talc. PP + GF, PP +CF, PP + carbon for ESD production). we are very experienced and familared with different PP material , if you need to find a good partner for your  custom plastic enclosures moldig and tooling project , please contact Asia Billion.

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