Bluetooth Speaker Plastic Shell Injection Mould

Bluetooth Speaker Plastic Shell Injection Mould

This is a bluetooth speaker plastic shell injection mould making and plastic molding production project for one of our Canada customers. they are a B2C online innovative electronic device shops with engineering development center such as Amazon and Ebay. Asia Billion send the plastic production to our customer's contract manufacturing supplier in China for assembly and testing. Asia Billion hope to be your long time supplier for tooling and molding project too.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a high quality custom plastic injection mold maker and molding company in China. each year we produce more than 300 sets mold and 15 millions plastic parts for our global customers. this project is the bluetooth speaker plastic shell injection mould and plastic shell molding production for our customer. they are a famous online amazon and ebay shop for some innovative electronic devices. Totally are 2 parts with PC/ABS alloy material.


Production details:  


plastic   injection mold

Core surface   finish:

High polishing

Production   Material:


Cavity surface   finish:

MATT finishing

No of Cavities:

 4 +4 cavity

Injection System

Cold  runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejector pin

Slider and  lifter material:

Not available

Lead time for T1

3 weeks

Brand name:

Asia Billion

Shot life:

300 000


Product Characters:

1) High quality custom plastic shell for the bluetooth speaker

2) 256 pieces small hole for sound and there is no flash allowed inside the holes

3) Difficult mold fitting for the 0.8 mm diameter small holes

4) Critical surface finishing requirements


Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion is the export mold manufacture in China, all of our production use the western company standard and quality control level

2)Stable quality , fast lead time, reasonable price and excellent customer service are some of our advantages for you


Asia Billion company viewing:

                Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview                               

  Asia Billion Plastic Injection tooling quality control:

Plastic Injection Tooling Quality Control


  The Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the traditional audio equipment connected with the Bluetooth cable, and connects with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks to achieve the purpose of convenience and speed. At present, Bluetooth speakers are mainly portable speakers, which are generally more compact and portable,  Bluetooth speaker technology has gradually been valued and accepted by consumers due to its convenient features.

  Bluetooth speakers apply Bluetooth technology to traditional digital and multimedia speakers, allowing users to free themselves from the annoying wires and listen to music in a variety of ways. Since the advent of Bluetooth speakers, with the development of smart terminals, it has attracted widespread attention from users such as mobile phones and tablets. Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth) makes it possible to wireless speakers.

  The so-called Bluetooth speaker actually refers to a speaker that relies on the Bluetooth transmission protocol as a carrier for data transmission. Since most mobile devices (mobile phones, notebooks, tablet computers) are equipped with Bluetooth chips, no data cable or audio cable connection is required. Quick identification, simple operation and convenient connection.From the perspective of sound quality, the effective audio data volume of CD sound quality data (44.1KHz sampling rate, 16bit sampling accuracy) is about 1.4Mbit. To transmit CD sound quality music signals, the transmission rate only needs to be maintained at 2Mbit per second. Bluetooth The "2.1 + EDR" specification is sufficient. Moreover, since such products often follow the mature acoustic structure of traditional speakers, the wireless playback is realized after the integration of the Bluetooth module, and the sound quality performance is equivalent to that of the same level of speaker products.

From the specification point of view, although the Bluetooth 3.0 / 4.0 standard has been proposed, the former is mainly reflected in the Bluetooth radio frequency modulation method is in line with Wi-Fi, the latter is reflected in the application of automatic power control, that is, low power consumption, from this The two versions reflect the advancement of Bluetooth technology, but have little contact with audio applications. From the perspective of chip-level applications, it is suitable for 3.0 / 4.0 version.


   The mainstream Bluetooth speakers all use the A2DP stereo protocol, while devices such as smartphones and tablets that became popular in 2012 all support the A2DP protocol, so from a usage perspective, the Bluetooth speakers have no obstacles at all.

 Asia Billion is a professional custom plastic injection mold maker , we can make all the custom injection molding and tooling production included the bluetooth speaker plastic shell injection mould and moulding items. please let us know freely if we can help you for your project too.

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