Rice Storage Box Plastic Mould

Rice Storage Box Plastic Mould

Asia Billion is a competitive reasonable price and high quality plastic injection mold making factory, this is a rice storage box plastic mould for our South Asia customer. Totally are 3 parts with 2 moulds.If you want to develop your own plastic production, here Asia Billion is a good choosing for you.

Product Details

This is a new rice storage plastic box, but not limited to storage the rice or beans. It is an innovation designed and multi-functional plastic storage box for many different products.  it have internal silicone gasket which make the plastic box as waterproof and dustproof too. the body is a one cavity mold and top covers are 1 plus 1 family mould. 

Production details:  


Plastic mould

Core surface  finish:

high Polishing

Production  Material:


Cavity surface finish:

high Polishing

No of Cavities:

 1 & 1+1 cavities

Injection System

Cold  runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

direct gate + pin point gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejector pin + stripper plate

Slider and  lifter  material:


Lead time for T1

7 weeks

Mold price:

USD 28500

Shot life:

500 000


Product Characters:

1) Customer provide the a sample and what the modification what they want for ideals, Asia Billion help them to realize from the ideal to mass production directly without extra cost. 

2) Nice and simple design but with many functions

3) The molding cycle time is around 38 seconds for this rice storage box plastic mould

Asia Billion Quality Control System:

Asia Billion Plastic Injection mold quality control

Requirements for Good Rice Bucket Molds:

Most of the mold parts are made of metal materials, and the cost control is very strict. The mold materials are required to be easy to process into the shape and accuracy required by the drawings.


 Rice bucket parts generally require excellent gloss and surface conditions, so the roughness of the cavity surface is required to be very small, so it is necessary to perform surface processing on the cavity surface, such as polishing and grinding. Therefore, the selected steel should not contain rough impurities and pores. It is recommended to use stainless steel for plastic molds for storage of large rice buckets, and the steel needs to be heat treated to a hardness of about 48 to 52 HRC

Difficulties of rice bucket mould:

(1) The matching accuracy of each component and component, such as distance scale accuracy, coaxiality, equality, straightness, etc.

(2) The product is relatively high, so the mold is thicker, and the mold core in the mold needs to adopt an insert structure and be able to be firmly positioned

(3) Fast production and ejection. The rice storage box plastic mould is ejected by a stripper plate, which is easy to be blocked under the fast running. Therefore, the quality and processing accuracy of the stripper plate are very important. The guide post needs to adopt a guide sleeve and self-lubricating method

(4) The wall thickness of the plastic molded part of the rice bucket mold is prone to deviation, resulting in different thicknesses, and product quality problems are prone to occur. When making new molds, appropriate control and compensation need to be considered

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