Plastic Pallet Injection Mold

Plastic Pallet Injection Mold

it is a 1.2 x 1.2 meters plastic pallet injection mold for our middle east customer from Saudi Arabia. heavy duty which can put 6000 Kg Max. double deck plastic pallet can use for 2 sides. the material is HDPE material with talc. strong design with 10.0mm thickness and production molding at 2000 tons injection molding machine. the mold size around 1600 x 1600 x 800 mm.

Product Details

it is a 1.2 x 1.2 meters plastic pallet injection mold for our middle east customer from Saudi Arabia.   heavy duty which can put 6000 Kg Max. double deck plastic pallet can use for 2 sides.   the material is HDPE material with talc.  strong design with 10.0mm thickness and production molding at 2000 tons injection molding machine.  the mold size around  1600 x 1600 x 800 mm. 

Name :

plastic pallet injection mold , plastic pallet


HDPE. PE, PP   or recycled resin .

Size :

1200 x 1000、1200   x 1100、1200 x 1200、1200 x 800、1200   x 830、1250 x 1000、1000 x 1000、1000   x 800、1100 x 1100、1100 x 1000、1100   x 900、1100 x 800、1100 x 920、1100   x 630、1100 x 810、1150 x 740、1300   x 800、1300 x 1100、1300 x 1200、1300   x 1300、1400 x 1100、1400 x 1200、1400   x 1400、1000 x 830、1500 x 1145、1500   x 1300、1500 x 1500 mm


 150 mm as global standard

Design style:

One side use or double side use. it also have some details difference for the lifting side


Blue, green,   red , black and custom color

Max loading   weight:

From 1000 kg   to 6000 Kg,it depend on the different design and size


Acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, moisture proof, non-toxic, tasteless, economical   and environmentally friendly. Wear-resistant, impact-resistant, nail-free,   thorn-free, easy to rinse and disinfect, good overall performance, beautiful appearance



1. four sides can   be inserted, easy to operate

2, suitable for   stacking in the warehouse, suitable for all kinds of shelves

3. It is   suitable for all kinds of truck transportation, which is convenient for container assembly and unitized transportation

4. It is   convenient for handling tools such as forklifts and hydraulic pallet trucks

5, with non-slip   rubber, to ensure that the material will not slip during handling

6, long service   life, and can be recycled

7, plastic pallets   are safe, hygienic, insect-proof and smash-proof, no need to repair



Plastic pallets are suitable for workshop turnover, storage shelves, warehouse handling,   mechanical hardware,petrochemical,   automobile manufacturing, three-dimensional storage, logistics and   transportation, electronic and electrical textile printing and dyeing,

Printed   packaging, logistics center and one-time export use, etc

The advantages   for plastic pallet:

1. The   appearance of the plastic pallet is neat, easy to clean and easy to   disinfect.

2. The plastic pallet   has no nails and no thorns, and will not damage the goods due to accidents   during the packaging process.

3, plastic pallet   acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, can be used in a variety of special   occasions.

4. The plastic pallet   is non-toxic and tasteless, which is conducive to the improvement of the   warehouse environment and will not cause any pollution to the goods,   especially the food.

5, plastic pallets   are not fumigation, reduce the procedures for exporting goods, and speed up   capital turnover.

6, plastic pallets   do not support combustion, no static sparks, have a certain effect on   warehouse fire prevention.

7, damaged   plastic pallet can be recycled, processed as a raw material for other items.

8, plastic   pallets have a long service life, generally 2 to 3 times the turnover of   wooden pallets, reasonable use can reach 4 to 5 times.

9. The plastic pallet   is easy to print, and the company logo can be printed on the pallet to   facilitate the identification of the company's goods and serve as an   advertisement.

10. Plastic   pallets can add other chemical materials to raw materials according to   different needs to improve the performance of pallets.

1.2 meter plastic pallet detail dimensions:

1.2 meter plastic pallet dimension

Plastic pallet injection mold details:

Type:plastic pallet injection moldSize:according to the standard
Production Material:PP+ Talc , PE +Talc. PP, PE and recycled materialCycle time:90 seconds
No of cavities:1  cavityInjection system:hot runner
Core material:1050, P20, 738 with heat treatmentInjection gate:direct gate
Slider and lifter material:it depend on the design Lead tiem for T1:60 days
Mold base steeL:1045mold life:1 000 000
Place of originChinaMold price:it depend on the size and structures .  it should be around USD 60000 to USD 150000

  Please note that Asia Billion only can make the plastic pallet injection mold , after the mold is approved y customer engineer for mass production, we ship the mold to our customer's plant for mass production, it is the normal way for big size part because the big part logistic cost will be high per unit as his big volume. 


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