Plastic Bottle Cap Mould

Plastic Bottle Cap Mould

Asia Billion is a high quality mold maker in China for export market , this project is a food packing plastic bottle cap mould with 32 cavities. we would like to be your supplier for your mold and molding project too.

Product Details

Asia Billion are the top quality injection mold maker and injection molding company in China , we are already at this field for more than 20 years .   this is the plastic bottle cap mould for our customer's food packing.   the mold is a 32 cavities with just 8.5 seconds cycle time. it can run 320K pcs production per day.  if you also need an excellent supplier with assurance quality and competitive price , Asia Billion will be your first choice.


Production details:  


Plastic injection mould

Core surface   finish:


Production   Material:


Cavity   surface finish:

Matt finishing

No of   Cavities:


Injection   System

Hot runner

Core   Material:

8407 with heat treated

Type   of gating:

sub gate

Cavity   Material:

8407 with heat treated

Ejection   system:

ejector pin

Slider and lifter material:


Lead   time for T1

35 days

Mold   base steel:


Shot   life:

3 000 000

Place   of Origin


Supplier   :

Asia Billion


Product Characters:

1)      Huge volume production with 32 cavities and 3 million mould shotlife. Asia Billion are one of the just few mold manufactures which can make the mold cycle life up to three million in China.

2)     Very fast cycle time up to around 9 seconds in order to strengthen our customer's market competition for cost and production volume capacity.

3)     Automatically unscrew by electronical motor in order to keep up with the fast running

Asia Billion quality control documents overview:

plastic injection molding quality control

   Plastic bottle caps are common in everyday life. Plastic bottle caps are an important part of packaging industry. Today Asia Billion takes you to talk about our common molding process for the bottle cap. There are two main manufacturing processes for plastic bottle caps: injection molding and compression molding.


1) Production process of compression molded bottle caps


Compressed bottle caps have no injection point marks on the surface, they look more beautiful, the processing temperature is low, the shrinkage is small, and the size of the bottle caps is more accurate. But production sometimes is not as stable as injection molding.

  Put the mixed material into the compression molding machine, heat the material to about 170 degrees Celsius in the machine to become a semi-plasticized state, and squeeze the material into the mold in a certain amount. The compression-molded bottle cap is left in the upper mold, the lower mold is removed, the bottle cap passes the rotating disc, and the bottle cap is removed from the mold in a counterclockwise direction according to the internal thread. This process mold is relatively recommended, but it requires a dedicated press cap production and is expensive.


2) Injection cap production process


  Plastic bottle cap mould is bigger and difficult to replace on the machine. Each injection of multiple bottle caps requires high pressure and high material heating temperature, which consumes more energy than compression molding. However, existing ordinary injection molding machines can be used regardless of production, and no additional investment in equipment purchase costs is required.


  Put the mixed material into the injection molding machine, heat the material to about 230 degrees Celsius in the machine into a semi-plasticized state, and inject it into the cavity of the mold by pressure, and cool and shape.


   The bottle cap cooling and shrinking mold insert rotates counterclockwise, and pushes out the bottle cap under the action of the push plate, so that the bottle cap automatically falls off. The thread rotation and demoulding can ensure the complete formation of the entire thread, which can effectively avoid the Deformation and scratches.


  These two types of plastic bottle cap mould manufacturing processes have their own advantages and disadvantages. What kind of process needs to be selected, it needs to be considered in terms of appearance, size, capacity, mold, machinery, etc.

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