Industrial Safety Helmet Plastic Injection Mold

Industrial Safety Helmet Plastic Injection Mold

this is an industrial safety helmet plastic injection mold making and molding project for us. we make all the molds and plastic parts in our plant and then send to the customer's subcontractor for final assembly, testing and packing. the helmet are widely used for construction and industrial engineering industries. when you have any plastic molding project , Asia Billion also want to be your partner.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a custom plastic injection tooling and plastic molding manufacture, this project is made for our china local customer. there are different 2 level helmets which use normal ABS and engineering PP with carbon fiber modified material under the same mold. ABS material is for some high price competition market and engineering PP helmets are for some customers who need higher quality protection.

Production details:  


injection mould tooling

Core surface finish:


Production Material:

PP and ABS

Cavity surface finish:

dull finishing

No of Cavities:

1 and 2

Injection System

Hot runner

Core Material:

LKM 738H

Type of gating:

direct gate

Cavity Material:

LKM 738H

Ejection system:

ejector pin

Slider and lifter material:

LKM 738H

Lead time for T1

40 days

Mold base steel:


Min mold life:

300 000

Place of Origin


Mold standard  :

Hasco equivalent


Product Characters:

1)      two different material helmets which can be realized by same mold

2)     simple and practical design

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

 we optimize the design and suggest to customer use the same mold to make 2 different material , because the 2 material shrinkage is not too much difference and the dimension is not so important for the outer helmet housing, it help to save a lot of customer's mold investment cost

Asia Billion Mold quality control:

 Asia Billion Plastic Injection Tooling Quality Control


  Industrial safety helmets are the main protective articles which used to protect the top of the head , to prevent the objects hurt the head when falling. Each helmet should have the manufacturer's name, trademark, model, license number, quality verification by the inspection department and QA inspection certificate; the hat strap must be fastened when wearing the helmet to prevent the helmet from falling.

Safety helmet color selection:

1. In the case of sufficient light, the eye-catching degree of the safety helmet from high to low is: yellow, white, red, pink, silver, black, dark blue color

2. In the case of insufficient light, the safety helmet's eye-catching degree is ranked from high to low: yellow, white, pink, silver, red, dark blue, black

3. Yellow and white are the most eye-catching, and black and dark blue are the worst. You need to choose a suitable safety helmet in different construction situations

Safety officer wears a white safety helmet with a green "+" sign at the helmet.

1. Miners choose black safety helmets, which are easy to cause safety accidents due to blurred vision. it can stick reflective materials or luminescent materials on the safety helmets to attract attention

2. Maintenance personnel wear orange-red safety helmets

3. Radial working environment usually uses purple and brown safety helmets

4. Red safety helmets are commonly used in flammable and explosive environments

5. Red or orange-red are usually used in forest harvesting operations, which is easy to be found

Precautions when wearing an industrial safety helmet:

1. According to the size of the user's head, adjust the length to a suitable position, and the tightness is moderate. Fasten the lower jaw strap to prevent the helmet from slipping and fall down

2. Term of use: After the safety helmet is subjected to a large impact, regardless of whether there is any obvious crack or deformation in the outer shell, it should be stopped and replaced with the damaged helmet

3. Under normal conditions, the life span of general helmets is no more than 30 months (from the date of completion of production), the helmets are basically injection molded from plastic materials or other engineering modify material, they are easy to aging and damage under long-term outdoor use.

4. Maintenance and storage:

Helmets should not be stored in places with acids, alkalis or other chemicals, high temperatures above 50 °, sunlight, high humidity, etc., it need to avoid crushing or collision of heavy objects or sharp objects

5. The outer shell and lining of the safety helmet can be washed with neutral soapy water at normal temperature and dried with a soft cloth. It should not be dried in a place with high temperature, and it should not be placed in direct sunlight to prevent deformation or aging

  Asia Billion is the professional industrial safety helmet plastic injection mold manufacture , we can help you develop your project with low cost and high quality , please let us know freely if we can do something for you too.

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