High Glossary Plastic Mould

High Glossary Plastic Mould

high glossary plastic injection mould and molding item for luxury goods Brand. it is a head cap of perfume famous brand in Europe . SPI-A0 diamond grade highest polishing for the surface finishing. The material is new innovative material named Tritan. 4 cavities mold with hot runners and export to our France customer for mass production.

Product Details

high glossary plastic  injection mould and molding item for luxury goods Brand. it is a head cap of  perfume famous brand in Europe . SPI-A0 diamond grade highest polishing for the surface finishing.  The material is new innovative material named Tritan. 

4 cavities mold with hot runners and export to our France  customer for mass production. 

Project details as below :



high glossary plastic mould

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:

4 cavities

Injection System

Hot runner

Core Material:

       ASSAB S136H

Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:


Lead time for T1:

6 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

500 000

Total Mold Price Totally:

EUR 16000


Asia Billion



 Product Characters:

1) High glossary plastic mould for perfume bottle cap

2)    SPI-SPE A0 grade diamond  polishing

3)    Medical grade plastic injection molding material

4)    Critical surface finishing control

5)   Special hot runner  from Incoe which can have the sub gate at side directly

    Asia Billion is  a high quality high glossary plastic mould manufacture in China with competitive price and high quality.  we can help you realize your ideals from concept to mass production with engineering production design and manufacturing feasibility improvement capacity. If you have any high glossary plastic moulding items or similar with this, please contact us freely.

Asia Billion high glossary plastic mouldshop Overview:

Asia Billion Tool shop Overview

Asia Billion high glossary plastic mould Quality Control

Asia Billion Injection Molder Quality Control


Eastman Tritan PCTG Material Introduction

   Eastman Tritan polyester is the perfect replacement for polycarbonate (PC), which not only provides a balanced overall performance, but also changes the industry's understanding of transparent polymers.

1. Compared to PC, this material does not contain BPA FREE, which can be used in baby products instead of expensive PPSU materials.

2. 92% transparency, glass-like clarity.

3. Double the impact strength of PC, high toughness

4. A variety of specifications, satisfied with a variety of molding conditions, easy to process

5. Resistant to detergent, can be repeatedly sterilized at high temperature and odorless.

Eastman Tritan MX 711 material injection molding and processing parameters:

Material drying:

   It is necessary to dry the Tritan material before processing. This can ensure the uniformity and stability of the shot during the injection process, and reduce the flaw of the product. Generally, it must be dried for at least 4 hours at 88 degrees. Need to stay in the dryer for a long time, such as overnight, should be fully dried at 82 degrees Celsius to ensure that the moisture content is below 0.03% or lower.

Barrel and melt temperature:

  Coherent component production requires attention to all stages of the injection molding process. Process conditions should be optimized to ensure material integrity and maximum component performance. Processing at optimum processing temperatures and minimum machine retention times will help maximize Physical properties, properly dried materials are the key to maintaining uniformity of the shot. Engineering materials such as Tritan may degrade at processing temperatures due to hydrolysis. The normal processing temperature range is 282 plus or minus 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. When the processing cycle is short and the use of a large amount of radiation of 50%-80% is used, it can be processed at a higher melt strength. Conversely, when the processing cycle is long and a small barrel space of 10%-25% is used, The processing machine should process the PETG copolyester at a lower recommended melt strength.

Mold temperature:

  It is critical to have good mold temperature uniformity while controlling the temperature at the set point. The actual mold surface temperature in the range of 60 ° C to 66 ° C can produce the best low stress parts. If the heat transfer is relatively slow, then enter The actual temperature of the water in the mold may be lower than the surface temperature of the mold. Compared to some other plastics, the amorphous Eastman Tritan polyester requires a colder mold, so preparing for cooling in advance will shorten the cycle and improve the processing performance. High mold temperatures, even if only a small section of the mold appears high temperature, may cause mucous membranes, sufficient mold cooling channels, uniform wall thickness design, adequate cooling of the core and sheet steel parts, close to hot spots (such as sprue or hot runner) Good cooling of the area and the insulation around the hot runner, good water supply with less flow restriction, and thermostats for precise setting of the water temperature will help produce parts with good surface appearance in shorter cycles. If the above-mentioned good cooling effect is obtained, the product is easily ejected after the cooling cycle, and the larger diameter main passage is often soft and elastic.

Injection speed:

  PCTG MX731 and 711-Tritan copolyesters are slower to mold than normal plastics. It is recommended to use a machine with adjustable injection speed. At the first 5% to 15% of the shot, it should be 13 mm (0.5 inch) per second. Feeding starts at low speed and then increases to 43 mm (1.7 inches) per second. The slower feed initial velocity minimizes the gate pattern. If a sprue is used, the feed rate can be increased from medium to fast, for example. Increased from 38 mm (1.5 inches) per second to 56 mm (2.2 inches).

   The geometry of the gate is extremely important for the appearance of the part near the gate. If the flow path of the gate or runner has sharp corners or other non-streamlined features, the gate thickness and speed will affect the gate pattern, for large For most types of gates, the gate thickness should not be less than 1.1 mm.

Screw speed:

   During the cooling of the part, the plasticization should be slowed down to the minimum speed required to reset the screw, stopping at the rear position 2 to 5 seconds before opening the mold. This will minimize the high speed shear and often the melt More uniform, the low speed allows the screw to be more reliably reset when processing Tritan copolyester.

Holding pressure:

   When using a sprue, it may be necessary to extend the dwell time and reduce the dwell pressure. If there is a hole in the bottom of the main channel, the main channel may be mucous membrane, separate from the part, and the main channel may be filled by filling the air hole to ensure the flow. The road is ejected together with the components, keeping the dwell time for 8~12 seconds, the dwelling pressure drops to 34Mpa to 52Mpa, and the pressure is kept to the main channel, which is used to fill the air holes, and the mainstream road will not be over-pressurized. When the pressing time is reduced and the same amount of cooling time is reduced, it is not necessary to extend the overall cycle time. The conventional flow path at the junction of the flow path and the pull pin may have a mucous membrane. Similarly, if the main channel mucosa is used, the same method should be used to solve the problem. 

   Asia Billion know and learn this Eastman Tritan material from 2010 years for some medical device plastic injection tooling projects.  until now we have used for more than 10 tons Eastan Tritan resin over the pasted several years. this material is a perfect resin which can instead of PC material in many places. It is widely used for high glossary plastic moulding project , this material don't need high mold temperature and have very good transparent surface finishing with BPA free. but this material defaults such as lower heat distortion temperature, need longer mold cooling and easy to stick the mould. 

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