Injection Moulders

Injection Moulders

Asia Billion is a inexpensive and high quality Injection moulders for the automotive plastic injection mold in China. we made more than 300 sets injection mold per year and we become the expert for injection mold making for our global customers.

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There are a lot of injection moulders in China and there are 3 main areas, Guangdong Pear River delta are , Long river delta are and Zhejiang area. But recently years the injection molders meet some problems for continued growth and employee salary growth. Therefore, more and more mold practitioners are complaining that the mold industry is getting harder and harder.

  First the external economic environment is not very good, especially after the 2008 economic crisis, the world has never completely emerged from the economic crisis, market confidence is insufficient, demand is weak, and new product development is less. Especially after the start of the China-US trade war in 2018, many supply chains were reset, and many small and medium-sized mold factories went bankrupt.

  In addition to external factors, China's injection molders also have many internal factors. In the past twenty years, because of the explosive profits of the mold industry in the early days, many practitioners in the mold industry have started their own business after having a certain amount of technology, capital, and networking, from wage earners to wage earners. The boss. As a result, large and small processing shops, mold factories, and consumable stores have appeared, and the number of mold companies has almost increased at a geometric multiple. From the perspective of personal development, nature is a good thing, but from the perspective of the overall industry, the original company has a higher profit, and now the three companies are robbing. In order to get orders, price wars are naturally inevitable. . It is in this kind of shopping, the mold industry has finally turned from a profiteering industry to a profitable or even low-profit industry. In this fierce battle, different companies have embarked on different paths. In addition, over the past 10 years, the booming development of China's real estate industry has caused a sharp rise in key costs such as land and rent. Therefore, our wage growth rate is completely behind and the price of our necessities has risen, so we are working in the mold industry. The personnel have a greater impact.

How to be a fast-growing and competitively-priced injection mold manufacturer, there are also many big challenges. Here, Asia billion is willing to share some of our ideas for you:

1) At present, most of the mold industry stays at the level of Industry 2.0, and even can not achieve complete automation. Therefore, it requires Chinese mold factory molds and mold manufacturers in developed countries to learn how to try to achieve as much automation as possible to reduce personnel costs. . This requires the concerted efforts of mold manufacturers and mold equipment manufacturers.

2) Standardize the manufactured molds as much as possible. Although we have used a lot of standard parts in the molds, this is not enough. Because the mold is a customized product, the long-term goal of the mold is to completely implement the standard parts in addition to the structure of the open part.

3) Streamline company personnel, introduce lean production, and strive to increase efficiency and reduce costs. In our mold factory, the annual staff is reduced by 5%, the output of a single person is increased by more than 10%, the benefit is increased by more than 20%, and the company's employees are well-functioned. The employees of the company are also very active and serious. Of course, this has a lot to do with the company's training and management.

4) Strive to move closer to the supply chain of big companies, the high-quality customers are often these giants. Strive to manufacture high-level molds, such as ultra-large molds, ultra-high-precision molds and long-life molds. These are all things that China's mold manufacturers can't achieve at present.

5) Try to be a featured product or specialize in a certain type of product, and become a leader in the industry or a rule-maker, such as Hasco in Europe, specializing in mold standardization and mold standard parts. At present, China's injection moulders are often able to do anything, but often they are not focused enough and expertise.

Asia Billion Injection Tooling Plant Overview:

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview 

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