Electric Vehicle Charger Plastic Injection Mold

Electric Vehicle Charger Plastic Injection Mold

Asia Billion is a high quality custom plastic injection tooling and molding manufacture in China. we always catch the trending of the new technology development and would like to learn the new ideals to support our customer and create better life for people. this is an electric vehicle charger plastic injection mold for our China local company who sell this charger to global market. Asia Billion can help you to develop your own plastic molding production from ideal to mass production too.

Product Details

The electric vehicle is more and more popular in recently years as new energy and new generation car. most of the countries and automotive OEM companies have the great plan to develop the electric vehicle. but it is slowly developed because of the electric car had short run trip and always need to charge the battery.  The current condition is that the electric vehicle station is still very little and people can't find it easily. Asia Billion understand this trouble for people and users, we work together with our customer to develop the new charging station and we make the electric vehicle charger plastic injection mold  and plastic housing molding kits for our customer from draft drawing to final production. We also make the other electric vehicle plastic molds too.

Production details:  


Automotive plastic injection mold

Core surface  finish:


Production     Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Matt finishing

No of Cavities:

1+1 cavity

Injection System

Hot  runner

Core Material:

LKM 738H

Type of gating:

direct gate

Cavity Material:

LKM 738H

Ejection system:

Ejector pin

Slider and  lifter  material:


Lead time for T1

6 weeks

Mold maker:

Asia Billion

Shot life:

300 000


Product Characters:

1) This charger plastic housing made by two shots injection molding technology. the black one is the TPU material and the white one is made by engineering PC material

2) Both the PC and TPU material are high quality flame resistance grade up to 5Va. It can't burn and only can have some smoke under the fire and high temperature. 

3) Very strong design with the Maximum wall thickness up to 10 mm, no shrinkage marks are allowed too

4) UV resistance and can used from -40℃ to 120℃ for long time

5) Insert molding technology are used for the inside wire and IC

6) Pass the drop testing without any damage for the finished production 

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion is a high quality and cost competitive electric vehicle charger plastic injection mold maker, we would like to learn the new technology and try our best to support the new market challenge.

2) Asia Billion are ISO 9001 and IAFT 16949 certified, so we are ok for the automotive industry audit and supplier development. we are qualification, smart and flexible enough to support you , no matter for small or big project

3) Asia Billion management guys all have western companies working experience, we understand your mind and concerns, we work as your company similar working ways too

Asia Billion Injection tooling plant:

 Asia Billion Injection Tooling Plant

Asia Billion Injection tooling quality control:

              Injection Tooling Quality Control

    Electric vehicle charger has a function similar to a fuel dispenser in a gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall and installed in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and residential parking lots or charging stations. It can be charged according to different voltages. The level charges various types of electric vehicles. The input end of the charging pile is directly connected to the AC power grid, and the output end is equipped with a charging plug for charging the electric vehicle. Charging piles generally provide two charging methods: conventional charging and fast charging. People can use a specific charging card to swipe the card on the man-machine interactive operation interface provided by the charging pile to perform the corresponding charging method, charging time, cost data printing and other operations. The display screen of the charging pile can display data such as charging amount, cost, charging time and the like.

  The charging pile can realize the charging of timing, electricity metering, and amount of money, and can be used as a terminal for citizens to purchase electricity. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency and practicability of public charging piles, a multi-charging and charging function for electric bicycles will be added in the future.

    As a charging pile for electric vehicles, the particularity of its structure determines the characteristics of the automated communication system, which are many and scattered points, wide coverage, and short communication distance. And with the development of cities, the network topology requires a flexible and scalable structure. Therefore, the selection of the communication method of electric vehicle charging piles should consider the following issues:

(1) Reliability of communication-The communication system must withstand the test of harsh environment and strong electromagnetic interference or noise interference for a long time, and keep the communication smooth.

(2) Construction cost-Under the premise of satisfying the reliability, comprehensively consider the construction cost and the cost of long-term use and maintenance.

(3) Two-way communication-not only can realize the upload of information volume, but also realize the release of control volume.

(4) Multi-service data transmission rate-With the continuous growth of terminal business volume in the future, the communication between the master station and the sub-station, and between the sub-station and the terminal requires higher and higher data transmission rates for multi-service.

(5) Flexibility and scalability of communication-due to the characteristics of multiple control points, wide area and decentralization, charging piles require the use of standard communication protocols. With the development of "ALL IP" network technology trends and power operations The continuous growth of services requires the consideration of IP-based service bearers, as well as ease of installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

   The popularity of charging piles determines how far the anxiety of electric vehicles can be eased. It can be said that charging infrastructure is one of the biggest factors restricting the development of the new energy vehicle industry. Asia Billion is a high quality electric vehicle charger plastic injection mold manufacture and would like to try our best to support the industry development with our profession.

   In the first half of 2020, affected by the covid-19 epidemic, the overall performance of China's new energy vehicles and related industries is not very good. Although the number of new charging piles is increasing, it still faces low service quality, unreasonable pile layout, Various issues such as immature business models and lack of industry standards. In March, China's "new infrastructure" national strategy was formally deployed, and new energy vehicle charging piles ushered in historic window opportunities. The industry's past "extensive" growth will receive more attention and improvement.

   Throughout the middle of the year, with the steady production and sales of new energy vehicles, the industry's original layout and accumulation basically completed, and the vigorous support of the "new infrastructure" national policy, the field of charging piles may enter a deepening period of intensive cultivation.

   The growth of vehicles is a prerequisite for keeping up with the demand for charging. There is no customer group for the charging pile, and it is difficult to be independent. Only upstream and downstream parties including users are willing to participate and jointly promote integration, the industry will have more significant development. This is also a prerequisite for the implementation of various new technologies as soon as possible. In the future, the industrial structure dominated by 3-5 leading companies will still be maintained. However, traditional energy or related companies will enter the field in a large scale. Power up, in addition, the formation of the power exchange market will have an impact on the existing pattern.

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