Car Console Plastic Injection Mould

Car Console Plastic Injection Mould

Asia Billion is a IAFT16949 and ISO 9001 certificed plastic injection molding company and injection mould maker for the car console plastic injection mould. this is an old project which we made we made when started our business 10 years ago. due to there was some patent protection, so we only can share it for your right now after qo years. If you want to have a good partner for your automotive plastic injection mold , pleasecontact us freely.

Product Details

Asia Billion can help you to make your car console plastic injection mould as well as other automotive plastic moulds. this is an example project what we made at 11 years ago. the most important reason why we show you now is that there has some patent protection time and we have the NDA with customer side for 10 years. so if you have some innovational or ideal design for your production, we will be your first choice and we can sign the NDA with you too as this project.  you will never worry about that your design is copied by others very soon.

Tooling details:  


automotive injection mold

Core surface   finish:

sandpaper polishing 

Production     Material:


Cavity   surface finish:

Pattern finishing

No of   Cavities:

1 x 1

Injection   System

Hot runner

Core   Material:


Type   of gating:

SVG Valve gate and edge gate

Cavity  Material:

LKM 738H

Ejection   system:

ejector pin + ejector block +lifter

Slider   and lifter material:

H13 with heat treatment

Lead time for T1

65 days

Mold  base steel:


mould life:

more than 300 000 cycles

Place   of Origin


Supplier   :

Asia Billion

Product Characters:

1. The mold adopts two-point sequential valve gate ( SVG) hot runner system, which solves the problem of melt filling of large thin wall plastic parts. The injection cycle and the internal quality of the plastic parts have reached the design requirements.

2. The mold uses a hydraulic oil cylinder as a power demolding system, which solves the problems of large demolding force of plastic parts and difficult resetting of ejector system.

3. The mold uses a secondary core-pulling structure, which makes the core-pulling action safe , stable, and the positioning is reliable.

4. Very complex mold design with large size mold up to 1700 x 650 x 850 mm

   Here Asia Billion would like to tell you our car console plastic injection mould experience and insights for this project as a story for your reference.


   The car auxiliary instrument panel (also known as the car center console) is a mechanism used to control gear shifting and place objects such as tea cups. It is located in the center of the cab. Different car systems have different configurations of the sub-dashboard, and the same car system is not the same according to the high and low grade configuration. The center console is an interior trim part. In automobile interior trim parts, it is an interior trim part that is second in complexity,  only a little easier than the instrument panel.

   The material is generally PP-TD20, where PP is the base of the console cover, and TD20 is a material with 20% talc added to improve the rigidity of the plastic parts of the soncole. The dimension shape of this plastic part is 1117.00 × 331.00 × 336.50mm, which belongs to large thin-walled big plastic parts.

Structural features of plastic parts are as follows:

1. The appearance requirements are very high, and the surface needs to be textured. No ejector marks, gate marks, shrinkage marks, welding marks and flashes, all are allowed on the surface.

2. Large size, very complex shape and many reinforcing ribs. it will increase the mold design structure and manufacturing technics

3. There are a total of some undercuts on the inside and outside of the plastic part. The area of the undercut is big, and the plastic part is easily deformed or even cracked when the core is pulled sideways.

  The two sides of the product have  some special shapes, which are beautiful in visual sense, but it need some special structures for the mold such as sliders and lifters. To ensure the smooth release of the plastic part, the plastic part needs to be oriented. After the outer side deforms for a certain angle, it is forced to eject. Due to the space limitation of the plastic part, it is not possible to design the sliders or lifters. After the molding part are deformed to the outside by a certain angle, the inner undercut is disengaged from the movable mold core.

   The reasonably design the car console plastic injection mould is so important. According to the structure of the plastic parts and the material properties of the plastic parts, a reasonable demoulding system for forced demoulding is made after the deformation of the large slider was moved, and the two sides of the plastic parts were turned over. The side area is completely deformed and demolded, and a deformation value of about 10 degrees is obtained. The structure is stable and reliable, and the plastic parts have achieved satisfactory with good quality.

Asia Billion Plant Overview:


  You can understand how excellent of Asia Billion team engineering capacity and experience for the automotive injection moulds from this article. if you want to find a reliable supplier for your tooling ,please contact us freely for any more details

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