Automotive Rear View Mirror Injection Mould

Automotive Rear View Mirror Injection Mould

this project is an automotive rear view mirror Injection mould project for our customer in India. now the mold is well running the production in our customer's plant. if you want to find a good automotive mold supplier , you can let us know freely.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a professional automotive rear view mirror Injection mould. the molds are family mold with left plus right side part. totally are 5 sets mold. some of the parts are quite difficult for the mold making , it have some complex structures which we called slider in slider and lifter in slider.   a lot of low end injection mold maker even don't how to design and achieve it .  

Here are some details and key points for our project success experience for your reference.

Main BusinessAutomotive Injection tooling
BrandCustom making
Design SoftwareUG, ProE, CAD. 
Mold sizethey have different size for different parts
Cavity1+1 family mold
CertificateISO9001:2015. IATF 16949 
Mold materialP20, 8407 and 1050
Raw MaterialPA6+GF30, PBT+GF30, ABS, PC
Mould StructureInsert Mould ,Over Mould ,unscrewing mould, 
Mould BaseLKM standard
Processing CraftMilling ,Grinding, Drilling, Engraving , EDM, Wire Cutting ,Polishing
Tolerance±0.02mm for mould steel
Gate TypeHot Runner
Appearance finishedMirror Polishing, Texture/Graining
Mould life300 000 shots
Hardness of steel18-62HRC
Delivery time5-8 weeks
Packing carton /wooden packing or custom
DeliveryEXW, FOB or DAP


The key points of the automotive rear view mirror Injection mould


  Automotive rearview mirrors are generally composed of mirror rings, bases, mirror housings, brackets, rotating shafts, mirror mounts and other parts. The rearview mirror products have strict appearance requirements, with high surface fine grain treatment and low general paint painting treatment. According to different models, the rear-view mirror has a split type and an integral type.


Attentions to the automotive rear view mirror injection mould design:


1. The parting line of the plastic part is on radius, and radius is on the fixed moving mold. in order to prevent the appearance parting line line during the design, special attention should be paid to making the movable mold side smaller by 0.05-0.1mm to avoid step differences in the plastic part.


2. precise positioning must be designed. Avoid misalignment of the fixed moving die and prevent mismatching of the plastic parts.


3. Due to the sharp edges of the fixed position of the mold, it must be protected during mold making. It is best to protect it with some tape to avoid gaps in the handling process.


4. When designing the slider that along the Z axis, it is necessary to pay attention to the bottom surface of the slider to have a draft angle greater than or equal to the angle of the bottom surface , it is necessary to avoid undercuts for the slider moving.


5. The design of the cooling water and spring of the slider must be parallel to the slider moving direction. When ordering sliders steel, you need to make the rough made slider with same shape and direction, it is easier for machining.

6. The bottom of the slider must have the wear plate and the slider can move smoothly and correctly.

8. Since the slider should be installed with the fixed mold to polish, it need to be careful for the steel lost which may cause flash, the slider needs to be designed with the positioning features well.


Cooling design:

  Here we use the cutting-edge technology as 3d printing cooling channel insert technology.

The cooling time is reduced a lot and work very well for the thick area. The temperature distribution of the product is uneven, it will cause severe warping or deformation. In this project, the areas where the traditional cooling water channels cannot be cooled are fitted with metal 3D printed conformal cooling water channels to eliminate very hot spots.


  All parameters of the model control variables are basically the same, the cooling temperature is set to 80°C. The conformal cooling water channel solution has a diameter of 20mm and a distance of 20mm from the surface of the product. At the same time, in order to avoid interference, a design method of up and down surround is adopted in the deep cavity.


  The cycle time for traditional cooling water channel is 36s, and the time of the 3d printing conformal cooling water channel is 13s. The cooling time is significantly shortened and the production cost of the molding cycle is greatly reduced.


 Warpage deformation analysis:


  The automotive rear view mirror Injection mould with the conformal cooling water channel can better improve the degree of warpage and deformation of the product, and the average deformation amount can reduce the deformation amount by about 0.25 mm compared with the traditional rearview mirror injection mold for automobile cooling.

Asia Billion Company overview:


Plastic Injection Tooling making Equipment overview

  In actual production, our design and mould are running very well, now it is under production in our customer's molding plant. If you want to find a good partner for your plastic mold, Asia Billion will be your first choice , please contact us freely.


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