Automotive Plastic Injection Tooling

Automotive Plastic Injection Tooling

Automotive Plastic Injection tooling manufactures in China for TRW, this part is made by nylon plastic with glass fiber engineering resin. Automotive interior plastic housing for powertrain modules system. it is for USA and China local customer , a US owned plastic Injection tooling and molding manufactures. If you have any automotive plastic injection tooling project, please contact us freely.

Product Details

 Automotive Plastic Injection tooling manufactures in China for you, it is made by nylon with glass fiber engineering resin. Automotive interior plastic housing for TRW, a world famous Auto part manufactures. This production is for USA and China local customer.


Mold details: 



Automotive plastic Injection mold        

Core   surface finish:


Production   Material: 

Nylon with glass Fiber

Cavity   surface finish: 


No of   Cavities:

1x 2

Injection   System

Cold Runner 

Core   Material:


Type of   gating:

Sub gate

Cavity   Material:


Ejection   system:

Ejection pin

Slider   material:

H13  with   heat treated

Lead time   for T1

45 days

Mold base   steel:


Shot   life:

300 000

Place of Origin



Plywood Box 


Product Characters

1)     Automotive interior plastic injection tooling

2)      Engineering plastic resin with deep ribs and small features

3)     Quick lead time , lower cost

4)     Full dimension Inspection with critical dimension CPK control up to 1.87

Please note that this information is just for reference and don’t copy or use to others purposely.

  Asia Billion are professional automotive plastic injection tooling and injection molding manufacture in China for automotive plastic product for many years, no matter what kindly of material or what kindly of design, we will only make what you dream. we are quality certified by ISO 9001 and IAFT 16949 quality system. If you have any project, please give me you 2d .3d drawings, tooling specifications and some other what you want, we will give our best price for you.

ABIL Plastic Injection Mould Making Process:



ABIL Tooling shop Overview:


ABIL Certifications and Quality Control:


Packing and Logistic:


Project Management 

   We know that a successful project which depends on successful Project Management. This include the effective communication both internally with the relevant company teams and externally with the customer. This ensures good control of the manufacturing process for the given order.
  ABIL assigns an experienced Project Engineer to each customer at the point of award of the business, to control the smooth running of the project from the feasibility/concept stages through to the end delivery and warranty period of the product. So that all the issues can be solved in the right way in time . For each project, we will make a project feasibility analysis with solutions with our customer and discuss more for the project until all are in control. 

FAQ for Asia Billion:

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