Automotive Plastic Injection Mold

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold

Asia Billion is a high quality Automotive Plastic Injection Mold manufacturer in China with ISO 9001 and TS 16949 quality certifications. This is a automotive interior plastic injection mold project for our France customer and end customer Visteon Automotive. 1+1 family mold with PC material, contact us freely if you have any automotive plastic injection tooling and molding project.

Product Details

 Asia Billion is a high quality Automotive Plastic Injection Mold manufacturers in China.  This is a automotive interior plastic injection mold project for our France customer and  end customer Visteon Automotive.   1+1 Left plus right components family mold with PC material, contact us freely if you have any automotive plastic injection tooling and molding project. 

Mold details:  


Automotive Plastic Mold manufacturers

Core surface finish:


Production Material:

Makrolon PC/ABS

Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:


Injection System

One drop Moldmaster Hot Nozzle

Core Material:

1.2343 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

edge gate

Cavity Material:

1.2343 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

ejector pin

Slider material:

4 sliders, 1.2343 with heat treatment

Lead time for T1

45 days

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

1 000 000

Place of Origin



Plywood Box

Product Characters

1. High quality plastic injection mold manufacturers for Visteon Automotive  worldwide

2. Automotive interior plastic injection tooling and molding

3. Export injection mould for our customer in France

4. Level 3 PPAP is submitted and approved by customer side before mold shipment

5. Precision dimension control with +/- 0.05mm tolerance for critical dimensions

Automotive Mold Making Process:

 Injection Mold Making Process

Plastic Injection Mold making engineering and project capacity

Mold manufacturers Overview:

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold shop Overview

Our Certifications and Quality Control:

Our Certifications and Quality Control

Packing and Logistic:

Packing and Logistics

Advanced technology of  Automotive Plastic Injection Mold interior and exterior parts

   There is no essential difference between automotive injection molds and other injection molds, but they also have many of their own characteristics. Since the added value of automotive injection molds is generally high, many advanced technologies (such as sequential valve hot runner control technology, internal split surface technology, low pressure injection molding technology, etc.) are preferred to be developed and applied in automotive injection molds.

1. Sequence valve hot runner control technology (SVG technology)

  The sequential valve hot runner control technology (SVG technology) is a new type of controlled hot runner technology. The cylinder is controlled in sequence by the cylinder control, which solves the problem of appearance defects of the traditional multi-point synchronous feed product. It can effectively avoid the defects such as weld lines and air pockets in the interior and exterior parts of the car, reduce the flow length, reduce the molding pressure, and play a huge role in the interior and exterior trim parts of the car with strict appearance requirements.

2. Low-pressure double-layer injection mold technology

  The so-called low-pressure double-layer injection mold, also referred to as low-pressure injection mold, is a new type of injection mold technology. The traditional parts that are manually coated and vacuum-adsorbed by the male mold are directly injected into the mold. The main principle of the low-pressure injection mold is: the plastic injection pressure is lower on the cloth. When the mold is opened, the cloth should be hung on the front mold hanging needle, then the mold is closed, the injection is made, and finally the piece is taken. The products produced by this technology have a special soft fabric on the surface, which is greatly improved in decoration, hand feeling and appearance. Therefore, low-pressure injection mold technology is widely used in medium and high-end cars, generally used in automotive map bag skeletons, automotive ABC columns and other parts.

3. Automotive bumper internal parting injection mold technology

   In automotive injection molds, for automotive bumper products, advanced internal parting technology is often used in mold design. The advantage is that the parting clip line is hidden on the non-appearing surface of the bumper, and the appearance of the clip line is not seen after assembly on the car, and the appearance of the product is not affected. However, this technique should be more difficult and complicated in structure than the outer bumper typing, technology risk is higher, the cost of the mold and the mold price will be higher than many outside the parting bumper, but look beautiful in luxury car Widely used.

  Asia Billion are a Hong Kong precise automotive plastic injection mold manufacture with plant in China, low cost and good quality assurance, we can make more than 300 sets mold per year with TS16949 quality certification.  we made a lot of media player and navigation system frame the door handle, powertrain system , electronic system, lighting system and some others.   No matter what kind of plastic  injection molding project, we can help you with our professional knowledge. 

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