Automotive Pillar Injection Tools

Automotive Pillar Injection Tools

Asia Billion is a IAFT16949 certified automotive pillar injection tools manufacture in China, 1 plas 1 cavities family mold. if you need to find some good partner for your injection tools, please let us know freely.

Product Details

  Automobile A-pillars and B-pillars are short for body pillars. Generally, the car body has three pillars, which are the front A pillar, the middle pillar B pillar, and the rear pillar C pillar from the back. For cars, besides supporting the pillars, they also play the role of door frames.

   The A-pillar is between the engine compartment and the cockpit, and above the left and right rear-view mirrors, it will obscure part of your turning horizon, especially the left turning, so it is discussed more. The B-pillar is between the front and rear seats of the cockpit, which is the longitudinal bar between the two doors on both sides. It extends from the roof to the bottom of the car. From the inside, the seat belt is on the B-pillar. The C-pillars are on both sides of the rear seat headrest.

The characteristics and design points of automotive pillar injection tools molded plastic parts are as follows:

(1) Spots and gate marks are not allowed on the appearance of plastic parts, and defects such as shrinkage dents, weld marks, and flashes are not allowed too.

(2) Plastic parts are interior molding parts, which are typical high-demand interior parts.

(3) The appearance of plastic parts is complex, and the appearance of the clamp line is high. The appearance of the plastic parts needs to be treated with skin texture.

(4) As the appearance surface of the plastic part needs to be texture, the draft angle of the appearance surface of the plastic part is designed to be at least 5 degrees or more to prevent the plastic part from sticking to the fixed mold after the texture and have some drag marks.

(5) The parting line of the plastic part is complicated, and the curved surface shape is required.

(6) Check the mold draft angle of the appearance surface of the plastic part before designing the mold: especially whether the area that needs to be added the texture finishing to be 7º, and the fixed mold must be checked too; Polished plastic part area are 5º.

(7) Due to the high requirements for the appearance of plastic parts, the rib thickness of the plastic parts and the wall thickness of the main body of the plastic parts must be reasonably designed. Therefore, check the size and ribs size on the plastic part before the design of the mold: the big end must not be greater than 1/3 of the corresponding main wall thickness, otherwise there will be shrink marks on the surface; the small end must not be less than 0.6MM, which is too small for processing and injection molding forming maybe have problem too.

(8) There are many ribs. All the plastic parts and ribs must be proportional to the wall thickness of the plastic parts, if not, the surface of the plastic parts will have some shrinkage marks.  all the ribs also need to be designed as the mold opening or moving direction, if not , it will have some undercut here too. 

Advantages of Asia Billion in automotive injection tools:

1) We are a small and medium-sized mold manufacturing and injection molding manufacturer, and we have 16949 certification in the automotive industry, which has allowed us to surpass 90% of competitors of the same size; while we are small and medium-sized factories, we have large companies Management methods and quality inspection systems

2) Our company has experienced 10 years of rapid development. We focus on serving the global customers in four directions: high quality, high precision, high efficiency and high cost-effectiveness. This has enabled us to win high-speed and stable rapid growth.

3) Half of the machines are high-speed and high-precision machines imported from Japan and Germany, including all aspects of mold manufacturing and injection molding production. This also allows us to be more comfortable to manufacture and challenge some high-precision and difficult products

4) We have the ability to make your items more than 10% ahead of delivery deadlines and manufacturing costs than your existing suppliers

5) We have a flexible and user-friendly manufacturing service conception that can meet the diverse needs of customers in different projects and in different periods. This is often impossible for large and large companies, but impossible for small companies due to capacity too.

6)  We had made 4 types automotive pillar injection tools.   the molds now are running well in customer molding plant for mass production. 

Asia Billion Injection tooling quality control:

Asia Billion injection tooling quality control

  Asia Billion have rich experience for the automotive pillar injection tools making service and engineering capacity, if you want to reduce your project risk and want to find a reliable supplier for your mold making , please Contact us freely.

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