Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mold

Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mold

High quality automotive interior plastic injection mold manufactures in China for you. It is used for automotive door control module.Asia Billion can supply you all different plastic injection molds and molding items.

Product Details

  High quality automotive interior plastic injection mold manufactures in China for you. It is used for automotive door control module. This part outside surface is VDI 3400 texture finishing. Material is Sabic PC/ABS material.


Project details as below :



automotive interior plastic  injection mold

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:


Injection System

One Drop Yudo Hot Runner

Core Material:

LKM 738H

Type of gating:

Sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:

4 pcs sliders S136   with heat treated

Lead time for T1:

40 days

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

300 000

Mold Price Totally:

USD 13500


Asia Billion

 Product Characters:

1)     VDI3400 texture and oil painting for the outside surface

2)     No parting line or welding line at the outside surface

3)     Low temperature up to 40℃ below zero and high temperature up to 80℃ testing

4)    Appointed oil brand painting for the outside surface and sub-suppliers.

5)    Free of any flash for the quite strange shape parting line

    Asia Billion is a professional China automotive interior plastic injection mold suppliers and will help you for all your automotive plastic molds. If you have any automotive plastic injection tooling, please contact us freely to get your expected supplier.

 Mold  Making Process:

automotive interior plastic injection mold making process

ABIL mold making engineering and project ability

 Injection mold Shop Overview:

ABIL automotive interior plastic injection mold Shop Overview

Plastic injection mold Quality Control:

ABIL automotive interior plastic injection mold Quality Control

Packing and Logistics:

Mold Packing and logistics

Composition of automotive interior system

   Its main content can be divided into several parts: roof, floor, seat cover, steering wheel cover, small jewelry, solar film, foot pad, cushion and so on.

   The interior of the car we are talking about is actually the English Interiors System. Because this part of the car parts has a certain degree of decoration, the usual translation in the industry is called "car interior". But from the English "Interiors", we can know that this part of the parts is not only decorative, but the functional, safety, and engineering properties involved are very rich. Many domestic automakers have translated the car interior system into a "car interior system", which is actually more appropriate.
The car interior system is an important part of the car body, and the design work of the interior system accounts for more than 60% of the car design work, far exceeding the car shape, and is one of the most important parts of the car body. Each automaker usually has a large automotive interior team to do a lot of engineering work related to the interior.

   The body design is divided into two parts: design and engineering. In the engineering design, the design of the body-in-white is the largest, followed by the design of the interior system, and the design of the body exterior cover is at the end. This may be something that ordinary people or non-industry people did not think of.

  The automotive interior mainly includes the following subsystems: instrument panel system, sub-dashboard system, door trim system, ceiling system, seat system, pillar guard system, remaining cab interior system, cab air circulation system, luggage In-box assembly systems, engine compartment assembly systems, carpets, seat belts, airbags, steering wheels, as well as interior lighting, in-car acoustic systems, and more.

Pick car interior tips:

  First, smell the smell. Just entered the car, if you smell a very strong paint. Then I can conclude that I have just done the paint again. If you think about it, if the interior of the car is not worn a lot, why should you renovate the interior? If it is refurbished, it is sure that the interior is used a lot and the wear is serious. Furthermore, it is explained that the vehicle is used more and the number of kilometers is too large.

  Second, look at the details. If there are too many kilometers in a car, you will definitely reduce the number of kilometers in order to sell a good price. The reality of the number of kilometers can be adjusted, but the pedals of the clutch will not move. Therefore, the degree of wear of the clutch pedal can determine the use of the vehicle. The more you grind, the more you run.

  Third, the refurbishment of the seat. If the original color fades, wrinkles, etc. The brokerage company will replace the refurbished seats. If it is the original refurbished seat, press it for five seconds, then raise your hand and the seat will recover quickly. Then the seat is refurbished. If it is the original car, the seat will recover very slowly. The seat of the original car is mainly worthy. The seat is comfortable and conforms to the shape of the human body, and the stimulating effect is very irritating, which may cause the skin to be unsuitable.

  Fourth, look at the color. Some vehicles are not configured in a luxurious configuration, and some brokerage companies have been refurbished to make the vehicle look like a luxury configuration. The addition of mahogany interior is one of them. If it is a post-installed mahogany interior, then the texture of the mahogany is surprisingly consistent. In fact, the original car's mahogany interior texture has a certain regularity, especially near the position of the transmission. So pay more attention when buying!

  Asia Billion is TS16949 certified Automotive Interior Plastic Injection Mold maker in China for global market.  90% of our production are exported to developed countries.  strong engineeing support, good quality , excellent custmer suervice , fast lead time and very competitive price .  if you need a good partner for your project , please contact us freely at:

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