Automotive Injection Molding Companies

Automotive Injection Molding Companies

Asia Billion are High quality and precision automotive injection molding companies for Germany market. This part is made for a famous Germany automotive OEM company which used for powertrain system. The material is PA6+33%GF with texture surface finishing.

Product Details

 Asia Billion are High quality and precision automotive injection molding companies for Germany market. This part is made for a famous Germany automotive OEM company which used for power train system. The material is PA6+33% glass fiber with texture surface finishing.


Project details as below :



Automotive Plastic Injection   molding

Core surface finish:

Normal polish

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:

1+1 cavities

Injection System

2 drops hot runner

Core Material:

1.2344 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

submarine gate

Cavity Material:

1.2344 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:


Lead time for FOT:

5 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

1 000 000

Total Mold Price:

USD 11500


Asia Billion


 Product Characters:

1) Critical dimension requirements with CPK to 1.67 for critical ones

2)    No deformation is allowed

3)   Engineering plastic resin molding for PA6+33%GF in imported from Europe

4)   Many small insert with cooling channel

5)    Pe-Cu imported steel insert is used in this mold

6)  Level 2 PPAP submit by Asia Billion for mass production

7)  Dimension tolerance with DIN 7168-01 German standard


     Asia Billion is high quality plastic injection mold and automotive injection molding companies in Shenzhen south of China, we are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality certified to control our manufacturing process. We have a lot of automotive interior plastic injection molding and exterior automotive plastic injection molding experience, such as mirror component, media player frame, power train system, door panel and accessories, automotive grill, air intake system and so on.  If you have any automotive plastic injection molding project or similar with this, please contact us freely.

Asia Billion plastic injection mold workshop Over View:

Asia Billion automotive injection mold plant over view

The effect of automobile injection molds on automotive plastic injection molding parts


   In the development of the automotive injection moulding industry, the demand for plastic parts is increasing day by day, because the construction of automobiles is very high in the application of plastic parts, which means that the quality of plastic parts has greatly promoted the development of the automobile field, which requires plastics. The quality of the plastic parts is determined by the production. The quality of the plastic parts is determined by the molds. The plastic parts produced by the molds cause losses in various fields during the application process, so there are not many cases in which plastic parts are produced. The research of molds to improve the quality and efficiency of plastic parts is very helpful to China's economic development.


  We all know that automotive applications are very dependent on plastic parts. At the same time, automotive products are constantly being updated. Only by mastering the key difficulties in producing plastic parts for molds can mold production meet the development needs of the automotive industry.


The basis of automotive plastic injection mold design


1.1 Plastic product design is the focus

    Plastic products are definitely a key link in the design of injection molds. For the design of plastic products, the requirement is to simplify the plastic product model as much as possible. Especially the design of the undulations should not appear in the design of plastic products.


   The simple requirements of the design of plastic products is a general direction, because there are many small links in the design of plastic products, and the simplified design is the requirement for each refinement of plastic products, and the various requirements are met on the basis of the requirements. The basic requirements of the link, such as the thin and thick design of the injection mold, are to make the wall thickness of the mold as uniform as possible while avoiding the unsuitable uneven thickness. In terms of stiffness and hardness, it also needs to meet the standard, which is a key link to ensure the quality of plastic parts.


1.2 Classification of plastic products in structural design

   The inner and outer sides of the plastic product should have a drafting angle that meets the release standard, which is more conducive to demoulding. In order to make its appearance smooth, the demoulding is not hindered by friction, and the plastic products are streamlined and smoothed as much as possible in the curvature and texture. Plastic products have sharp corners, these corners are rounded corners. For the curvature of the peripheral corners of the inner and outer sides of the plastic product, the tension of the arc should be larger, which is very necessary.


1.3 Basic requirements for mold parts

    In the strength and hardness to meet certain standards, otherwise can not withstand the friction, will affect the construction quality, the minimum hardness requirements can not be lower than HRC35, very specific requirements of the hardness requirements of 50 ~ 52HRC or more, the product should be made after molding The surface is shiny and can be achieved by polishing. In addition, the cavity part needs to be polished. The sample of the product can not deviate from the product requirements, and then the production efficiency and cost can be improved through management and construction technology.


1.4 clear number of cavities

    The method of determining the number of cavities can utilize all injection machines and then determine the amount by the amount of injection and the rated clamping force of the injection machine. In the process of the number of model cavities, it is also necessary to combine other factors, such as molding process, precision and maintenance, and economy.


1.5 Look at the fractal line and the mold parting surface

  The method of determining the fractal line can be determined according to the shape of the part. The function of the fractal line is to divide the product into two parts, and the boundary line exists. The two parts that are divided are located in a fixed mold, and the movable mold is formed in another part. To obtain the parting surface of the mold, the fractal line can be used, and the parting surface of the mold can be determined by scanning the circumference of the two molds with the fractal line.


1.6 Parting surface design considerations

  The step dividing surface generally needs to have a penetration angle of 3 to 5 degrees in facing the step dividing surface, and the angle cannot be lower than 1.5 degrees. Sometimes a plurality of step faces appear simultaneously in one parting surface. In this case, the angle A is applied by the same angle, which makes the processing easier and more convenient.


  There is a special attention to the parting surface of the mold, which is to ensure that each of the same surface has a sealing distance, and also to ensure the effectiveness of the distance, so that the plastic melt can not easily flow out during the injection process, the sealing distance This name is corresponding to this performance and can be blocked. In the process of creating parting surface, if you encounter a surface or a bevel and a parting surface with a relatively large height difference, such as one or more, you must set the reference plane, which can facilitate processing and measurement.


1.6 basic principles of parting surface design

    The molded plastic needs to be retained on the mold half after the mold is opened. Of course, this is the premise of the push-out mechanism. Generally, the half-mold of the push-out mechanism is a dynamic mold, and only the semi-module of the push-out mechanism which appears in a few special cases On the fixed mold.


   Some plastic products are accompanied by metal inserts injection molding. Since the inserts do not have the function of shrinking and wrapping the punches, the shape cavity design is usually on the movable mold side. If this is not the case, the plastic products will be in the fixed mold area after the mold is opened. Once this happens, demolding can become very difficult. In the case where the coaxial structure is in the movable mode or the fixed mode, if the two models are formed on both sides, the coaxiality is difficult to ensure the accuracy, which is mostly due to manufacturing errors and assembly errors. Caused.


   There is a certain requirement for the locking of the mold, and the requirement must be satisfied. In order to meet the requirement, the plastic product is generally placed at the mold clamping position of the ground moving quantitative mold, and the direction of the projection is selected to be smaller in the direction of projection, and the direction of the projection area is large. Used for lateral fractal surfaces. This can greatly reduce the locking force. In addition, the surface of the parting surface sometimes appears. When this phenomenon occurs, the positioning mechanism must be added. In the selection of the parting surface, the shape of the plastic product should not be affected as much as possible. The choice of parts, if the plastic products have diamond and tangent in their shape, is not suitable for the selection of the parting surface.


   Selecting the parting surface must choose a smoother and no obvious sharp corners, so the division will not affect the quality and shape, although not absolute, but the probability is still too large. Be sure to arrange the size and number of inner mold inserts reasonably.


    We are your one the best high quality Automotive Injection Molding Companies , If you have any inquiry, please contact us freely.

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