Automotive Glovebox Plastic Mold

Automotive Glovebox Plastic Mold

Asia Billion is a high precision injection mold maker in China with IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 quality certifications. this project is a automotive glovebox plastic mold for our USA customer which have plant in China too. we supply the mold for them and run the mass production in customer's China molding plant.

Product Details

this customer is a new customer for Asia Billion from USA,  when customer managers team visited us , audit our company and discuss the project details with our engineering team, we sign the mold production purchasing order onsite at our meeting room. the mold is finished around 90 days after the order for all steps which approved to shipment and mass production.

Asia Billion mold plant overview:

Asia Billion Plastic Injection Tooling making Equipment overview

Here Asia Billion will show you what and how we do to ensure this project successfully:

 Automobile glovebox is an important part of automobile glovebox. It is located at the outermost part of the co-pilot position. The plastic parts are appearance parts, and the surface needs pattern texture. The appearance quality requirements of plastic parts are high. This case analyzes the automotive glovebox plastic mold.


Appearance and structural requirements of plastic parts:

 The characteristics of plastic parts are as follows:

(1) The appearance of plastic parts requires high appearance, and the appearance of plastic parts requires pattern texture. The appearance of plastic parts must not have spots, gate marks, and shrinkage sinking, welding marks, flashing and other defects.

(2) The plastic parts are cosmetic parts, and the appearance of the plastic parts must be designed reasonably with the demolding draft angle (generally designed to be 5 degrees).

(3) The shape of the plastic part is complicated.

(4) The inside of the plastic part has some undercuts. The inner side of the plastic part cannot be designed with reinforced ribs because of the structure of the plastic part and the welding process. It maybe have some deformation and warpage defaults.

(5) The appearance of plastic parts requires excellent parting lines, and the appearance of plastic parts must be well done for the mismatching.


Analysis of mold structure:

  According to the structural characteristics of the glove box, the mold preferentially adopts the hot runner injection mold structure, and the hot nozzle is used to feed the gating system. Considering the location and space, the lifter structure is preferred. The overall dimensions of this mold are: 1100 * 730 * 850 mm with a total weight of about 4.2 tons, which belongs to large and medium-sized injection molds. A 1000 tons injection machine is needed to tryout and verify the mold.


Automotive glovebox plastic mold molding parts design must solve the following two problems.


(A) The mold is integrated

  The one-piece type is commonly known as the original, and the two-piece type is commonly known as the core insertion. The integrated mold has the advantages of compact structure, good strength and rigidity, and avoids the complicated processes such as machining the frame, matching the frame, and manufacturing the wedges. Since the mold A and B plate is cheaper than the inner mold insert material, it can save the mold costs.

The fixed-moving mold of this mold adopts an integrated type. P20H or 738H is recommended for the mold steel, which can meet the mold life of 300,000 molds, while ensuring product quality and reducing material costs. The moving side use the insertion core solution which is easier for the part structure machining and injection molding air venting.


(B) Mold injection gating and layout 

  There is no undercut on the outside of the plastic part. So it don’t need to design a core sliding system on the outside. But there are two undercuts on the inside. The shape of this plastic part has a large drop. Pay attention to the anti-tilt design when designing the mold. The design of the mold positioning system must be large and durable. The mold is surrounded by four sides, and the circumference is made with a 5 degree slope to prevent tilting and ensure accurate positioning.


  In the mold design, the way of injection gating determines the mold layout mode and mold type. In the design of automotive molds, customers generally provide some information on the plastic injection part as a reference such as injection gate location and parting lines. All automotive molds need to do mold flow analysis to verify the plastic injection method. Determine the position of the gating, the form of the gate, and the size. Generally varieties of solutions are selected for mold flow analysis, and after completion they are sent to the customer for confirmation, the customer chooses the best and most suitable solution to design the injection system.  This plastic part need the 2-point sequential valve hot runner with edge gate, which is fed from the side of the plastic part. The size of the main channel is 16mm. the filling time is 4.6 seconds. The plastic part has a good filling effect.

Asia Billion mold flow for glovebox:

mold flow for automtive glovebox 

Why it's name is glovebox ?

  The storage box under the copilot's dashboard, we generally call it the "glove box". However, this storage box is not designed for gloves. Why is it called a glovebox?

   It is said that gloves were a must when car technology was relatively early. Early cars did not have steering assistance, nor did they have any steering wheel heating function. When the steering wheel was cold and heavy, you had to wear gloves. Earlier cars did not have the current electric starter. To start the car, you had to use a "swing handle" to manually shake it. This also required gloves to prevent injuries. Therefore, the early co-pilot's box was often called the "glove box" by the driver, commonly known as the "glovebox".

Early cars did not have a roof, and the wind and rain were very cold in winter. They had to wear hats and gloves to protect themselves from the cold winter. In addition, European and Americans at the time also liked to wear hats and gloves on weekdays, so there was gradually a place for putting hats and gloves on the car.

This is the prototype of today's "glovebox". The English name of the glove box is "glove compartment" sometimes too. Glove has the meaning of fragmentary small items in the original semantics. So the glove box is actually a small glovebox.

  After you read this article, you should know some our Asia Billion capacity for the automotive glovebox plastic mold,  if you want to find a good supplier for your molding project, you can contact us freely.

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