Automotive Bumper Plastic Injection Tooling

Automotive Bumper Plastic Injection Tooling

Asia Billion is a IAFT16949 and ISO 9001 certificed automotive bumper plastic injection tooling manufactures in China. if you need a automotive exterior and interior plastic part injection mold factory , please contact us freely. we hope to be your long time supplier.

Product Details

this is an automotive bumper plastic injection tooling for Honda group. our customer is a automotive plastic injection molding company in Canada. we had cooperated together for 3 years . so we are a tier 2 or tier 3 supplier for the automotive industry with many aboard molding companies and auto part OEM manufactures.

Tooling details:  


automotive plastic mold

Core surface   finish:

600# sandpaper polishing 

Production     Material:


Cavity   surface finish:

High polishing 

No of   Cavities:

1 x 1

Injection   System

Hot runner

Core   Material:

LKM 718H

Type   of gating:

SVG Valve gate

Cavity  Material:

LKM 718H

Ejection   system:

ejector pin

Slider   and lifter material:

LKM 718H

Lead time for T1

65 days

Mold  base steel:


mould life:

300 000 cycles

Place   of Origin


Supplier   :

Asia Billion

As a professional mold maker , Here Asia Billion would like to show some of our experience to how to make an excellent Automotive bumper plastic injection tooling for our customers.

1) Automotive bumper tooling structure requirements:


 A car bumper is a safety device that absorbs and mitigates external impact and protects the front and rear of the vehicle body. Generally consists of plastic bumpers, cushioning materials and beams. Plastic bumpers have strength, rigidity, and decorativeness. From a safety point of view, a car can play a buffering role in the event of a collision and protect the front and rear body. From the appearance, it can be naturally integrated with the car body. One body, with very good decoration, has become an important part to decorate the appearance of the car.


2) Requirements for bumper mold steel:


 The fixed mold of the mold adopts the integral type. The fixed mold uses 718H, the pre-hardness is 30-35HRC, and the moving mold uses P20 or 718H, and the hardness is 30-33HRC. The AB board adopts the form of surrounded by four sides, and the mold has good strength. The size of the bumper mold is large, and it is difficult to process and match the mold. The cavity has a multi-faceted angle. The depth of the A plate cavity is 710mm. The wool weight is about 30T. After finishing, it still reaches 20T. It cannot be processed with conventional tools and equipment. Non-standard tools and large 5-axis machine tools must be ordered to solve the above problems. Plate B weighs about 12T, the large inclined top on both sides weighs about 1.2T, and the large straight top on both sides weighs about 2.3T. All the main parts weigh more than 1 ton, making it difficult for the fitter to assemble. The design life of the mold needs to reach more than 300,000 times.


3) Requirements for bumper mold gating system


 Bumpers are appearance parts, and no welding marks are allowed on the surface. Welding marks must be driven to non-appearance surfaces or eliminating welding marks during injection molding. This is one of the important and difficult points in bumper mold design. The bumper mold uses multi-point sequential valve hot runner gate control technology, namely SVG technology. It controls the opening and closing of the eight thermal nozzles through the driving of the oil cylinder, and sequentially feeds the plastic, thereby achieving no plastic surface. Ideal effect of weld marks. The full use of hot runner technology and sequential injection technology can improve the production efficiency of molds and the quality of products, and can greatly save raw materials.


4) Requirement for parting line of bumper mould


  Bumper mold design generally uses external and internal type, so-called internal type is relative to external type. Generally, the general products are parting lines according to the maximum projection contour of the product as the fixed moving mold. This is the outer parting. Generally, the molds are based on this parting method. Internal parting is to hide the parting clip line on the non-appearance surface of the product (ie, the B or C surface, and the appearance surface is the A surface). The parting clip line cannot be seen after assembly on the vehicle, so it will not affect Exterior. In order to achieve this function, the lateral inclined roof (or straight roof) is controlled by the track technology on the mold structure to run on the secondary derailment, thereby ensuring the deformation and demolding of the plastic parts. The control mechanism is called internal typing. In the design of automotive injection molds, the internal parting technology is specifically designed for automotive bumpers. However, this technology is more complicated and more complicated than the outer parted bumper in terms of difficulty and structure. The mold cost and mold price will also be much higher than the outer parted bumper. Is widely used.


5) Cooling water channel requirements for bumper molds


  The design of the temperature control system of the bumper injection mold has a great impact on the molding cycle and product quality of the mold. The mold temperature control system uses a combination of "straight-through cooling water pipe + inclined cooling water pipe + cooling water well". For automotive bumper products, the traditional straight-through waterway is difficult to meet the cooling requirements, and it is necessary to adopt a spatial angle conformal cooling method.

Generally, the waterway is designed to follow the shape of the rubber surface, and the distance from the rubber surface is about 25mm. To facilitate deep hole drilling, the front end of the waterway is designed as a flat bottom for 3D design to facilitate processing. For large-scale automobile injection molds, when designing each group of waterways, it is necessary to cut and check the safety distance between the waterway and the glue level, inserts and other components while designing. The three directions XYZ must be cut to ensure that the waterway does not break the glue level.

  The bumper headlights and grille area are easily deformed and need to be focused on cooling. The headlights area is a slam-through area on both sides, and the grille area is a large collision area in the middle. The headlight area is designed with a hot nozzle. If the temperature of the hot nozzle is high, 4 water wells should be designed for cooling. 4 water wells are designed around each hot nozzle. If it is impossible to design, it will result in poor cooling of the area, prolong the single-piece cycle and affect the appearance of the product. The hot runner must be equipped with a rotating water jacket for cooling. For the large inclined roof and large straight roof of the bumper, and the horizontal straight roof and inclined roof, the waterway should be individually designed to focus on the cooling.


6) Bumper mold ejection system requirements

  Bumpers are large automotive exterior parts, and demolding must be smooth, safe, and reliable. The ejection mold in the bumper is divided into three stages. The first stage ejection uses 4 nitrogen spring ejectors to move out of the mold synchronously with the fixed mold, and 4 pull hooks are auxiliary mechanisms. The second stage ejects and then The nitrogen spring continues to eject a certain distance; the third stage ejection uses two hydraulic oil cylinders to do a second ejection for a certain distance, which is convenient for taking parts.


Asia Billion company overview:

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview

Asia Billion is a low cost automotive bumper plastic injection tooling maker in China. ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified, each project with very competitive price , quicker lead time and quality assurance.  we mainly focus on  to service our tier 2 or tier 3 level customers for the automotive industry. if you need a good supplier for your mould tooling project, you can contact us freely for more details . 

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