Automobile Fender Liner Plastic Injection Mold

Automobile Fender Liner Plastic Injection Mold

it is a very big automobile fender liner plastic injection mold ,more than 1.5 meters with just one cavity. Asia Billion make the mold with in 10 weeks and mold are ready to shipped at 15 weeks. it is our first time to make the automobile fender liner plastic mold and we learn more fromour customer duering this project. we would like to cooperate with you too for any similar project.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a TS16949 and ISO 9001 certified plastic injection molder and molding manufacture in China. we made a lot of automotive injection tooling each years. Even at the recently years, the automotive marketing is not very good, more than our 35% projects are still from the automotive industry. this project is our first time to make the automobile fender liner plastic injection mold, we discuss with customer engineering team for each details to make sure all are proper and reasonable, and finish them with very well.  now we are under discussing with more later projects. 

Production details:  


automobile injection mold

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:


Injection System

hot runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

direct gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

ejector pin

Slider and lifter material:

P20H with nitriding

Lead time for T1

10 weeks

Mold base steel:


Min mold life:

300 000

Place of Origin


Mold standard  :



Product Characters:

1)      Very big part with thin wall , the wall thickness is just 1.0 to 2.5 mm with more than one meter overall size

2)     Deep core and cavity with complex parting line

3)     Big mould with some complex strange features

4)     Much better strength under the very low temperature performance than normal PP material

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1)  Help customer save at least 5 weeks lead time than the other suppliers with 10% cost reduction

2) We outsource the necessary components machining from our long time qualification suppliers and use as more standard parts as possible to help to save the lead time and cost. It also can help us to solve the trouble that our machine size is not enough.

3) Asia Billion can provide you that the similar project with MUD or interchangeable solution. this project are two molds, one for back wheel right side and the other one is for left side.

Asia Billion Mold quality control documents:

 Asia Billion Plastic Injection Tooling Quality Control

  The fender is the outer part that covers the wheels. Its function is to ensure the maximum limit space when the front wheels rotate and jump, and can reduce the drag coefficient too.The function of the inner lining of the fender cannot be ignored, it can effectively reduce the impact of road noise on the cockpit, prevent the damage to chassis which caused by the sand and stones that thrown out during the rolling of the tire, and reduce the drag coefficient of the chassis;


 At present, the automotive inner fender lining plates are made of plastic injection molding. The lining plates are easy to freeze on the road in winter, which seriously affect the normal driving feeling of the car, and the inner lining plates are also easily  been damaged because of frost cracking. When the tyre of the car is hit by some bigger object, the inner lining made of plastic is often shattered. In addition, the inner lining made of plastic will generate a lot of noise during driving, which is not conducive to normal driving.

 In the process of using the fender inner lining of the car, because it is close to the tire and the use environment is complicated, it often experiences wind, sun, freezing , impact and other factors, so it is easy to break, and it is a part that is relatively easy to damage in the car exterior. In the design of this project, we choose the HDPE material which still can work well under 40 degree of below zero. it is double the low temperature performance capacity than the normal pp plastic, our customers also have added special horizontal and vertical reinforcing ribs to increase the strength of the product to reduce damage risk. In addition, after the product is injection molded, a spraying process is generally used to spray asbestos and other materials on the side of the product near the tire and attach it to the fender to solve the above troubles.

  We can't be always an expert for any different project , but we always keep trustable , keep learning and asking if we don't know .After this project experience , Asia Billion can be a qualified automobile fender liner plastic injection mold and mudguard plastic injection mold maker for automotive industry, let us know freely if we can do something for you too.

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