Airbag Cover Plastic Mold

Airbag Cover Plastic Mold

this is a airbag cover plastic mold for our injection molding customer in 2019 years. we made a lot of automotive injection tooling in the pasted years for difference modules. if you want to find a good partner, please let us know freely

Product Details

Our direct customer is a world famous injection molding company for the automotive industry, the end customer is Fiat Group.   it is a airbag cover plastic mold.  the material is ABS.  we finished and shipped this mold with 60 days after the purchasing order. it is at least 20 days lead time earlier than our competitors. 


Production details:  


plastic   mold

Core   surface   finish:


Production       Material:


Cavity     surface finish:


No   of   Cavities:


Injection     System

Hot   runner

Core     Material:

LKM   738H

Type     of gating:

valve   gate

Cavity     Material:

LKM   738H

Ejection     system:

ejector   pin

Slider     and lifter material:

2738   with hardening

Lead     time for T1

40   days

Mold     base steel:


Shot     life:

300   000

Place     of Origin


Mold   standard  :



Product Characters:

1)      this mold have deep ribs which are very easy to stick the core side and broken

2)      5 sliders for the click area

3)     critical cooling design for the mould



Asia Billion company overview:

                                               Asia Billion Tool shop equipment


How does a car airbag work?


  When the airbag is not opened, the shape is equivalent to a small pumping paper box with a piece of cloth inside. It exploded instantly and will like a balloon.


  When a collision is triggered, the sensor detects the impact, the relevant control system will determine the degree of the collision to determine whether to trigger the inflation device. Usually, a gas generating agent such as gasoline or explosives and an ignition device are used to form an inflation module. For safety, airbags are usually detonated only at high temperatures. Because the impact process time is very short, it usually takes about 25-35 milliseconds to trigger the airbag to complete the inflation process. If the Inflating is too long, it will lose its effectiveness and functions.


1) Can the airbag be reused after it is ejected?


  Airbag is a device that inflates the airbag to protect the occupant before a second collision occurs. The airbag is an auxiliary device for the occupant restraint of the seat belt. so we must wear a seat belt when driving.


  After the airbag is ejected, it cannot be reused. It is disposable, but it can be installed again. However, the installation cost is high, mainly because it is not only the airbag that needs to be replaced, but also the ECU of the airbag need to change .


2) Can the steering wheel be used after the airbag is broken?


  Generally, the airbag cover is ejected at the center of the steering wheel. It is only necessary to replace the airbag and the airbag computer, and the steering wheel does not need to be replaced. Don't worry about the air cover popping to you, because when the airbag cover is opened, there will still be a part connected to the steering wheel and will not be bombed. Many people will ask, if the steering wheel is beaten hard, will the airbag pop out? Don't worry about this, it won't pop up even if you hit it with a hammer. Because the airbag is ejected, the sensor outside the car transmits a signal to the computer when it encounters a strong impact, then the computer ignites the airbag to trigger a gas explosion inside,  the air bag will filled high-pressure gas, which can instantly pops out to protect people.



  As a 16949 automotive quality standard certified small- middle mold maker in China, we mainly service for tier 2 or tier 3 automobile suppliers as our direct customers , we understand more automotive standards and can help you more than our competitors which don't have the 16949 certification. that mean you don't need to pay for too much attention for the procedures , it can save a lot of your project time and cost.  if you want to find a good longtime partner for airbag cover plastic mold or the other automotive injection tooling , you can contact us freely for more details. 

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