N95 Reusable Mask

N95 Reusable Mask

here in the emergency situation of the covid-19 (coronavirus -19), all of our normal business is stopped and many friends are customers who ask us for help. Here we would like to show some N95 reusable mask , N95 face mask for you. we have partner company who make this and we will be noprofit selling with these mask to support our friends and customers all over the wolrd. let me know freely if you need it.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a high quality plastic injection tooling , injection molding as well as the metal machining manufacture in China for export market.  but the covid-19 's fast spreading had stopped almost everything for our business . in order to help more and more people against the virus and protect them-self , here Asia Billion will show some of our resource for the n95 reusable mask in huge volume with very low cost for you.  per day's capacity is 500K. we have friends who are the medical device manufactures for the face mask ans some others. 

Below are the details for your reference :

Part weight :        6 gramsColor:                  whiteMOQ:                10K per order

small packing

2 pcs per bag


big packing:10 or 20 pcs per bag.360 pcs per carton

where the mask can be used :

N95 face mask using place

5 layer material for the mask with different material which can protect you and your family member much better:


N95 face mask technical details


Technical analysis of filtering effects of droplets and coronavirus:

Technical analysis of filtering effects of droplets and coronavirus

CE certifications:

Mask CE certifications_20200327


1) Masks are not recommended for long-term use. Please replace them in time. The continuous use time of a single mask in daily life is not recommended to exceed 24 hours

2) If you experience discomfort or adverse reactions during wearing, it is recommended to stop using immediately

3) Because this mask uses meltblown material, it cannot be washed. If it is washed, it will reduce the protective performance.

4) Store in a dry and ventilated place, away from sources of fire and high temperature, and away from flammable and explosive materials.

5) Masks that have been used for a short time can be reused after UV sterilization and drying, but the cumulative continuous use time does not exceed 24 hours

6) The mask uses a multi-layered protection design. The gas is dense and dense, which can prevent the backflow of polluted gas. The air is filtered by the multi-layered protection and is breathable, so it will not be sultry, but it has a slight resistance than breathing without a mask

contact us freely here for any more details :

Asia Billion Innovational Technology Ltd

E-mail: sales@ab-industry.com  
Phone and wechat: 0086-134 8063 8827

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