What is Metal Injection Molding ?

- Sep 14, 2017-

What is metal Injection Molding ?

  Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a new kind of metal parts and components forming modern powder injection molding technology to introduce the field of powder metallurgy. It is a high-tech in the field of powder metallurgy and industry. 

  MIM process steps are: first select the MIM-compliant metal powder and organic binder in a certain temperature conditions using the appropriate method of mixing into a uniform feeding, and then after granulation in the plasticized plastic injection molding machine Into the mold cavity to obtain the forming billet, and then by chemical or solvent extraction method degreasing treatment, and finally by sintering densification to get the final product.

    MIM product features:

       1, parts of the geometric shape of the high degree of freedom, like the production of plastic products, like the formation of a complex shape of the metal parts;

      2, MIM product density uniformity, good finish, surface roughness can reach Ra 0.80 ~ 1.6μm, weight range of 0.1 ~ 200g. High dimensional accuracy (± 0.1% to ± 0.3%), generally without subsequent processing;

       3, wide application of a wide range of materials, wide application areas, high utilization of raw materials, a high degree of automation, process is simple, can achieve continuous mass production;

      4, product quality and reliable performance, the relative density of products up to 95% to 99%, can be carburizing, quenching, tempering and other heat treatment. Product strength, hardness, elongation and other mechanical properties, wear resistance, fatigue, uniform organization;


It is widely believed that the development of MIM technology will lead to a revolution in parts forming and processing technology, known as "the most popular parts of the 21st century forming technology.

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