What is Light diffusing plastic ?

- Apr 09, 2020-

What is Light diffusing plastic ?

   Light diffusing plastic is a kind of transparent and opaque light diffusing material particle which is polymerized by transparent plastic as the base material, adding a certain ratio of light diffusing agent and other additives through special process polymerization. Commonly used plastics include PP, PC and PMMA.

       Because the light diffusing agent is spherical and uniformly dispersed in the resin to form an island structure, due to the different refractive index of the resin and the light diffusing agent, the light is reflected like a mirror on the surface of the light diffusing agent, and after multiple reflections, the light diffusion effect is achieved. The amount of addition, particle size and distribution, and refractive index determine the optical performance of the material. The indicators to evaluate the optical performance of light diffusion materials include total light transmittance, haze, and dispersion. The dispersion refers to the relative light transmittance The angle is 50%. How to achieve high light transmittance and high haze of the astigmatism material is difficult. The light of the fluorescent lamp is irradiated to the surroundings, and the light irradiated from the back is reflected and returned to the front. If the front light exceeds the critical angle, Reflection. Such light reaches the front again through various reflection processes. The other light of the diffusion plate will undergo some refraction and reach the interior of the diffusion plate. After reaching the interior of the diffusion plate, it meets the diffusing agent and performs multiple reflections and astigmatism. During the process, the surface maintains a certain brightness.

Mainly divided into: 

Injection molding grade, extrusion grade, blow molding grade, film grade.

 Light diffusion plastic applications:

     LED bulb lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED digital tube, LED tunnel lamp, LED street lamp, LED ceiling lamp, etc.


Characteristics of light diffusion plastics:

    1) Optical grade PC material with high light transmission, high diffusion, no glare and no light shadow.

    2) Good aging resistance, good flame retardancy and good UV resistance.

    3) Can be extruded or injection molded, easy to use and low loss.

    4) The light source has excellent concealment and no light spot.

    5) High impact resistance.

    6) Light diffusing materials for lighting lampshades suitable for LED bulbs, tubes, light-transmitting plates, housings, etc.

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