What are the characteristics of PA46 materials?

- Mar 11, 2019-

What are the characteristics of PA46 materials?

   PA46 is a high temperature resistant nylon that is mainly used on automotive and bearing cages.

   PA46 has high temperature resistance and is 50 degrees higher than PA66. PA46 has a good toughness and can maintain high toughness even under high temperature resistance. This feature is difficult to achieve with other similar plastics. For example, PA66 PA6T is high in steel and high in temperature, but the toughness is unknown. The high toughness feature makes the PA46 used in a wider range of applications: bearing cages, insulated wire sheaths, and various jacket protective layers. At present, the international mainstream PA46 producers are: The Dutch DSM generally sells for about 70 yuan a kilogram. Domestic POLYLMSJ Baolimei is a domestic enterprise. PA46, which was synthesized in 2015, is close to DSM's PA46 in terms of temperature resistance and high toughness. The price is at 50 yuan per kilogram, but the capacity is insufficient. At present, the global DSM is leading the supply of PA46. The following is a comparison of PA46 and plain nylon:

   PA46 has a melting point of 310 degrees, and ordinary PA66 has a melting point of 240 degrees.

   PA46 (pure resin) has a maximum operating temperature of 250 degrees, and the maximum operating temperature of ordinary PA66 (pure resin) is 180 degrees.

   PA46 wear resistance is better than PA66

  PA46's toughness is better than PA66.

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