Ten Advantages of Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE/TPR Materials

- Jul 05, 2019-

Ten Advantages of Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE/TPR Materials


1. Superior soft touch;


2, strong deformation resistance, good creep resistance, impact resistance and fatigue resistance; 3, high impact strength and good low temperature flexibility, high tear strength and high friction resistance; 4, good fluidity; Processable and economical; good recyclability


5, no smell, non-toxic, halogen-free, green and environmental protection, in line with ROHS, REACH and other environmental testing standards; 6, good color matching;


7, can replace silicone and PVC materials;


8, hardness range: 25A ~ 75A;


9. Specific gravity range: 0, 92~1, 0;


10. Maintain good performance when temperature rises; good resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents and weather;

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