Some methods and techniques to improve the bonding of TPE and nylon in plastic injection molding

- Jul 05, 2019-

Some methods and techniques to improve the bonding of TPE and nylon in plastic injection molding

   At present, high-end power tools and fitness equipment accessories on the market are generally useful for nylon and thermoplastic elastomer TPE plastics. Nylon is used as the skeleton material of the product. The soft rubber TPE of the outer bread glue gives the product a soft and comfortable touch, good slip resistance and certain impact resistance. At present, the effect of the TPE material in the elastomer industry is not particularly good. The adhesion effect is very much related to the formulation of TPE materials. This article only discusses some methods and techniques to improve the adhesion between TPE and nylon in the case of formula determination.

1. The design of the plastic part of the TPE product is designed to be as smooth as possible, without obvious edges and corners, and to increase the tightness of the contact between the TPE and the nylon hard rubber.


2. Sufficient injection temperature. TPE coated nylon, TPE injection temperature should be above 190 degrees Celsius, not more than 240 degrees. In particular, to obtain the effect of true encapsulation, because the softening temperature of nylon is 250-260 degrees, the closer the softening temperature of TPE to nylon is, the better the encapsulation effect is, under the premise of ensuring that TPE does not degrade.


3. For the newly opened mold, pay attention to the design of the mold inlet and runner. Because the TPE rubber layer is generally thin, the thickness is 1-2mm is common, and the size of the rubber layer is generally tens or even hundreds of mm, so it must be ensured that the TPE soft rubber can fill the cavity, no glue, no batch seam, Ensure the adhesion of TPE to nylon.


4. Open some small holes in the unimportant position of the nylon frame member, or make some non-smooth surfaces, increase the contact area between TPE and nylon, and insert the TPE soft rubber into the nylon skeleton material through the small holes to play the hoop. Embed effect. Ensure that the material is capable of true, effective, high-strength bonding.

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