S7 mold steel

- May 08, 2017-

S7 mold steel

US Finkl Steel S7 mold steel for the composition of chromium molybdenum alloy, specifically for the need for high impact resistance and toughness of the special combination of the quality of the steel.

Chinese name S7 mold steel, with easy processing and heat treatment characteristics for forging die, hammer, chisel, fixture mold and has the characteristics of easy processing and heat treatment.


S7 mold steel Chemical composition:


Element C Si Mn P S Cr Mo V

Percentage (%) 0.45-0.55 0.20-1.00 0.2-0.9 <0.03 <0.030 3.00-3.50 1.30-1.80 <0.35


Application of S7 die steel:

1, high impact toughness, good wear resistance

2, in the high strength is still under the excellent toughness

3, with a high hardening and softening resistance

4, excellent resistance to mechanical fatigue performance

S7 mold steel factory status editor

Annealing to about ≤ HB215

Quenching: HRC58-60

S7 mold steel Uses:

Suitable for the production of impact and anti-softening tools such as: tool industry - punch, forging die, hammer, chisel, fixture, cutting tool

Suitable for hot and cold impact tools, plastic mold.


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