S136 mold steel

- May 08, 2017-

S136 Mold steel

   S136 mold steel is a world famous high quality stainless mold steel , lower maintenance costs after the long-term use of the mold, the mold cavity surface is still maintained the original smooth state.


1. Excellent corrosion resistance

2. Excellent polishing of light

3. Excellent wear resistance

4. Excellent machinability

5. Excellent stability when quenched

6. Perfect sales is the only condition for stabilizing firm confidence


1. Mold does not require special protection when operating or storing in a damp environment. As the mold cooling water pipe is not affected by corrosion (not like ordinary mold steel), heat conduction characteristics, cooling efficiency in the mold life period are stable, to ensure that the mold constant forming time. STAVAX ESR (S-136) is recommended for all molds, due to its special nature, more suitable for special environmental requirements.

2. Lower production costs

3. Corrosion-resistant, rust on the use of corrosive PVC, acetate and other injection molding materials or must be in a humid environment to work and store the mold.

4. Wear resistance In the use of wear large injection molding materials (including thermosetting injection molding) or require molds have a long working hours, such as electronic parts, discarded meal knives, utensils and so on.

5. High smooth surface production of optical products, such as cameras, sunglasses, chemical equipment and plastic products.


Steel Features: excellent optical polishing performance, good corrosion resistance.

Factory status: HB215

Chemical composition:

C: 0.25%; Si: 0.35%; Mn: 0.55%; Cr: 13.3%; Mo: 0.35%; V: 0.35%; Ni: 1.35%

Applications:  it is widely used for optical device for glass, high glossary requirement plastic part , high quality texture production, medical device and so on 


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S136 plastic injection mould for medical device

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