Processing manufacturing technology of automobile injection mold

- Feb 26, 2019-

Processing manufacturing technology of automobile injection mold

   Injection molds are important process equipment for the production of various industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastics industry and the continuous promotion and application of plastic products in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, marine and automotive industries, The requirements for molds are also getting higher and higher, and the design methods of traditional molds have been unable to meet today's requirements. Compared with the design of traditional molds, computer-aided engineering (CAE) is a technology that is extremely efficient in terms of improving related productivity, ensuring the quality of molds, reducing the cost of molds, reducing the intensity of labor, and so on. Great superior performance.

   Automotive injection molds are in the process of processing, all kinds of CNC machining are useful, the application is most CNC milling and CNC machining centers, CNC wire cutting and CNC EDM are also very common in the CNC machining of molds. Wire cutting is mainly applied to the processing of various straight wall molds, such as concave and convex molds in stamping processing, inserts in blocks, sliders for injection molding, electrodes for machining of electric sparks, and the like. For parts with very high hardness, machining can not be processed by machining. Most of them are processed by electric spark. In addition, the parts of the mold cavity, deep cavity, narrow groove, etc. are also processed by electric spark. . The CNC lathe is mainly used for processing standard parts of mold rods, as well as the cavity or core of the rotary mold, such as the injection mold of the bottle body and the basin, and the forging die of the shaft and disc parts. In the processing of molds, the application of CNC drilling machines can also play a role in improving the precision of machining and shortening the cycle of processing.

   Automotive two-color molds are widely used, and the forming and processing of product components in modern manufacturing industries almost all require the use of molds. Therefore, the mold industry is an important part of the national high-tech industry and an important and valuable technical resource. Optimize the structural design of the mold system and CAD/CAE/CAM of the profile, and make it more intelligent, improve the forming process and mold standardization of the part, improve the precision and quality of the mold manufacturing, and reduce the amount of grinding and polishing of the surface of the part. And manufacturing cycle; research and application of high-performance, easy-to-cut special materials for various types of mold parts to improve mold performance; to adapt to market diversification and new product trial production, apply rapid prototyping technology and rapid system Mold technology, in order to quickly manufacture molding die, plastic injection mold or die-casting mold, etc., should be the development trend of mold production technology in the next 5 to 20 years.

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