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- May 29, 2017-

Mold lifter design considerations

     In the mold design and manufacture of the manufacturers, whether to do injection processing, or die-casting zinc pieces, are inseparable from the mold produced. The mold contains some complicated structures such as sliders and oblique, which require mold design and the manufacturer's particular attention. The following is a more complex design of the oblique tip structure.

 1. oblique design in the direction of the retraction should try to take a shorter direction.

 2. In the calculation of its opening angle to try to take large, angle to not more than 10 ° principle. Also consider the oblique open mold back stroke may lead to product migration, so L should take the finished 4 / 5H , Part of the mold 4 / 5A, A ° may be more than 10 ° or more, then take 10 ° and then the thimble protruding male mold surface 0.5-1mm, as the positioning effect.

 3. The top of the ramp is generally about 0.05mm lower than the male model.

 4. If the protrusion on the oblique (on the hole) should increase the stripping angle, the angle is better than 3 °, up to 6 °.

 5. Large oblique design should consider the top of the deflection problem, so the base is best for the hole in the KO above.

 6. Large inclined oblique tip in the design should be anti-forward and the top of the left and right when the uneven appearance of the swing force may occur, so it is best to set the T-slot and tail groove.

 7. There are oblique, it is best to install EGP, to prevent the lateral movement of the lateral force when the impact of the top of the smooth flow.

 8. When the oblique tip of the head by the plug, the return pin under the installation of spring to protect the oblique tip by plug the surface.

 9. oblique design, pay attention to the product side of the male model to prevent the tip of the movement to promote the finished product.

 10. Half-way oblique design can not let the tip completely ejected.

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