Precision Injection Mold, 1 x 1 Cavity

- Mar 28, 2017-

Product Details

  • Production Name: Precision Injection mold for electronic industry

  • Mold Base: 1045

  • Mold core and cavity steel : NAK80

  • Production Finish: VDI30 texture

  • Sample materials: ABS/PC alloy

  • Cavity: 1 x 1

  • Mold tolerance: +/-0.01mm

  • Production Tolerance : +/-0.05mm

  • Mold size : 450 x 350 X 400 mm

  • Mold T1 leadtime :  35 days 

   Asia Billion Industry Co. Limited is a company with professional expertise with Mold making division, Injection molding division and Metal Manufacturing division.  The total floor space is around 3000 square meters with around 65 workers, we equip imported precision machine from different manufacturing step to final inspection measurement machine. 
  We offer cost-efficient but quality products to our customers. Our clients always appreciate the short lead time and excellent professional service that we offer. We make every effort to meet your expectation no matter what your order size is big or small. Our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen of China keeps buzzing with activities thanks to the trust that our customers have on us for the work we do, whether it is high precise injection molds, plastic injection tooling, injection molded parts or metal precision machining. We will help you to get what you want in time with good quality assurance .We also take pride in our exceptional ability from concept to final production..

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