pps plastic Injection moulding

- May 08, 2017-

PPS plastic injection moulding

It is a comprehensive performance excellent thermoplastic special engineering plastics, its prominent feature is high temperature, corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties.

Chinese name PPS plastic foreign name Polyphenylenesulphide alias polyphenylene sulfide specific gravity 1.36 g / cm cm molding shrinkage 0.7% molding temperature 300-330

Introduction: PPS plastic (polyphenylene sulfide)

English name: Polyphenylenesulphide Specific gravity: 1.36 g / cm3 Shrinkage: 0.7% Molding temperature: 300-330 . It is a comprehensive performance excellent thermoplastic special engineering plastics, its prominent feature is high temperature, corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties. PPS is a sulfur-containing aromatic polymer, linear PPS at 350 after the cross-linked thermosetting plastic, branched-type structure PPS for the thermoplastic. PPS is the United States Phillips company in 1971 to achieve the first industrial production, the patent expires, the Japanese companies have begun to develop and produce. Japanese companies are more typical of Japan's Toray, at this stage of Japan's production has been greater than the US production. Some other manufacturers are also mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan and Europe.

The world's top five PPS producers are Phillips, Toray, Ticona, Polyplastics and Dainippon Ink. China's Tianjin Institute of Synthetic Materials, Guangzhou Chemical Reagent Plant, Sichuan Zigong Chemical Reagent Factory, Hebei Institute of Chemical Engineering and Guangzhou Chemical Industry Research Institute and other units have a small amount of small test, but can not be stable and continuous production. At present, the domestic PPS vendors have Shanghai mold chemical industry, etc., to 2000, the world's PPS production can reach 50,000 tons / year. PPS's largest demand for Japan accounted for 33%, North America accounted for 32%, Western Europe accounted for 19%, Asia Pacific accounted for 16%.

Pps is a white powder with an average molecular weight of 0.4-0.5 million, a density of 1.3-1.8 g per cubic centimeter, and pps has excellent thermal properties. Adding glass fiber reinforced thermal performance index higher, at 232 degrees C after 5000h heat aging, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, filler, etc. to enhance its mechanical properties, modified pps in the long-term workload and heat load The role of maintaining high mechanical properties and dimensional stability, which can be applied to the high temperature of the stress environment.

Pps dielectric constant is very small, dielectric loss is very low, the surface resistivity and volume resistivity of the frequency, temperature, humidity changes are not sensitive, is an excellent electrical insulation material, its arc time is longer, pps Chemical stability is quite good, in addition to strong oxidizing acid, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia, it is not the majority of acid and alkali salt erosion, with close to the chemical stability of PTFE. At less than 175 degrees Celsius is not soluble in any known organic solvents, pps and general organic solvent contact does not appear when the plastic cracking phenomenon.

Chemical resistance: At present, it has not been found that solvents that can dissolve polyphenylene sulfide below 200 are highly resistant to inorganic acids, alkalis and salts. Resistant to chlorinated biphenyls and oxidizing acids, oxidants, aqua regia, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite.

PPS resistance to radiation is good, radiation resistance to Gy 1 × 108, other engineering plastics can not match the new materials, in the electronics, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, aviation, aerospace, military, especially in the atomic bomb, The only ideal material for radiation.

PPS itself is quite stable chemical structure, but also contains the flame retardant element - sulfur, therefore, PPS has excellent flame resistance. The test piece was ignited and the flow rate of oxygen and nitrogen was adjusted to observe the combustion conditions. And just let the test piece continued to burn the oxygen concentration is the limit oxygen index, the higher the value that the better the fire resistance. Pure PPS limit oxygen index can be as high as 44, also has excellent flame resistance. PPS containing filler or glass fiber has a higher limit oxygen index and a higher flame resistance.

Pure PPS can be passed through UL-94 V0 at a thickness of 0.8mm. Basically, the UL94 flammability of the various grades of PPS, except for a few grades, such as the super toughness series, belong to the V-0 level and is the best grade in the UL 94 flammability. Super tough series PPS contains some toughening agent, will sacrifice some of the flammability.

Pure PPS and no added conductivity of the PPS grade are excellent electrical insulation properties. The addition of carbon fiber to the PPS grade has a relatively low volume resistivity.

Physical properties:

1, electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation) fine, white hard and brittle, falling on the ground with metal sound, light transmission after the plexiglass, coloring water resistance, chemical stability is good. Has excellent flame retardancy for noncombustible plastic.

2, the strength of the general, good rigidity, but the crisp, easy to produce stress embrittlement; intolerant benzene, gasoline and other organic solvents; long-term use of up to 260 degrees, 400 degrees in the air or nitrogen to maintain stability. By adding glass fiber or other reinforced materials modified, the impact strength can be greatly improved, heat resistance and other mechanical properties have increased, the density increased to 1.6-1.9, forming shrinkage is small to 0.15-0.25%, suitable In the production of heat-resistant parts, insulation and chemical equipment, optical instruments and other parts.

Forming performance:

1, amorphous material, moisture absorption is small, but should be dry after forming.

2, liquidity between the ABS and PC, solidification fast, shrink small, easy to break down, use a higher injection pressure and injection speed. Mold temperature take 100-150 degrees. The main channel taper should be large, the flow path should be short.

Application can generally be applied to the manufacture of PPS pipe, PPS sheet and other materials, used for construction, home appliance.

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