PPE plastic properties and usage

- Apr 09, 2017-

PPE plastic properties and usage

Chemical name: Polypropylene


Typical applications: household goods (dishwashers, washing machines, etc.), electrical equipment such as controller shell, fiber optic connectors and so on.

Injection molding process conditions:

  Drying: It is recommended to carry out 2 to 4 hours before processing, drying at 100 ° C.

   Melting temperature: 240 to 320 ° C.

    Mold temperature: 60 ~ 105 ℃.

     Injection pressure: 600 ~ 1500bar.

        Runners and gates: All types of gates can be used. Particularly suitable for use with handle-shaped gate and fan-shaped gate.

  Chemical and physical properties:  commercially available PPE or PPO materials are generally blended with other thermoplastic materials such as PS, PA and the like. These mixed materials are generally referred to as PPE or PPO. Mixed PPE or PPO has much better processing properties than pure materials. The change in properties depends on the ratio of mixtures such as PPO and PS. The PA 66 mixed with the material has a stronger chemical stability at high temperatures. The moisture absorption of this material is very small, and its products have excellent geometric stability. The material mixed with PS is noncrystalline, and the material mixed with PA is crystalline. The addition of glass fiber additive reduces the shrinkage to 0.2%. This material also has excellent electrical insulation properties and very low coefficient of thermal expansion. The viscosity depends on the ratio of the mixture in the material.

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