Plastic Molding Housing Wall Thickness Design Guidelines

- Mar 29, 2018-

Plastic Housing Wall Thickness Design Guidelines

  •   Asia Billion is a fasting growing precision injection mold manufacture and molding plant in South China , we are a preferred high quality precision injection mold supplier for you . Now we sharing some design guideline for the plastic housing wall thickness for better manufacturing technics with low cost solution.





1.143mm - 3.556mm


0.762mm - 3.048mm

Acrylic0.635mm - 12.7mm
Liquid Crystal Polymer0.762mm - 3.048mm
Long-Fiber Reinforced Plastics1.905m - 25.4mm
Nylon0.762mm - 2.921mm
Polycarbonate1.016mm - 3.81mm
Polyester0.635mm - 3.175mm
Polyethylene0.762mm - 5.08mm
Polyphenylene Sulfide0.508mm - 4.572mm
Polypropylene0.635mm - 3.81mm
Polystynene0.889mm - 3.81mm
Polyurethane2.032mm - 19.05mm

China Plastic injection molding design.jpg


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