Plastic mold should be how to select material

- Nov 10, 2016-

A precision plastic mold is a complicated shape of small and medium-sized plastic mold, the processing cost of the cost of mold production ratio is higher, therefore improve the efficiency of mold machining, become one of the main factors that reduce the mold production cost.
Choose free-cutting steel can save machining cost in the process of mould manufacturing, the mould choose 8 cr2s (8 cr2mnwmovs) steel, high hardenability of the steel, Φ 100 mm can empty cold hardening. Use slow cooling after 8 cr2s steel forging and in a timely manner the isothermal annealing after forging, annealing temperature to 790 ~ 810 ℃, insulation, 2 h at 700 ℃ isothermal, insulation furnace cooling to 550 ℃ after 4 h from air cooling.
Annealing after rough machining, mold, keep 1 ~ 2 mm allowance for finish. Then quenched and tempered treatment process for: preheat temperature 600 ℃ heat 1 h, quenching temperature 890 ℃, 25 min empty after quenching heat preservation, air quenching hardness > 60 HRC, tempering temperature 600 ℃ heat preservation 2 h, after tempering hardness is 46 ~ 48 HRC. Conditioning treatment after finishing forming.
Finally after forming mold for nitrogen carbon altogether permeability, 550 ℃ heat preservation 5 h.

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