Plastic Injection Moulding Common Defaults Description

- Apr 07, 2018-

Plastic Injection Moulding Common Defaults Description:


1, Different color point: with its own color of different noise or mixed with resin in the exposed points on the surface.

2, Gas marks: due to various reasons, the gas left on the product surface traces.

3. Shrinkage: Subsidence of the surface caused by cooling shrinkage of the material.

4. Water lines: The lines of water waves left on the surface of the product when rubber is sprayed.

5. Strain: Scratches caused by mold surface or grain dragging on the surface of the product when the mold is opened.

6, deformation: the product of the bending, distortion, stretching phenomenon.

7, white ejector pin marks: color white, often appear in the top position.

8, Burning: plastic burning metamorphism, usually the color yellow, when the carbon black.

9, Dent: due to shrinkage of the material, the overall surface of the product subsidence.

10. Welding lines: In the process of molding, two or more strands of melted material are joined to each other, and there is a sense of sight and feel.

11,short of material: a part of the product is not full

12. Color mixing: Due to internal stress, different colors are produced on the product surface.

13, Flash (burrs): Due to various reasons, the non-structural part of the product produces excess material.

14, plugging: should be transparent where the barrier caused by the barrier.

15. Break: Defects in the Plastics after Partial Disconnection

16, Scrap roughness: the scrap stick the part after friction damage.

17, oil (oil marks): For various reasons, leaving traces on the surface of the product (including release agent), so that the part of the light and with a flow sample

18, bubble: transparent product formed in the hollow.

19, scratches: due to the friction of the hard plastic surface caused by the linear traces.

20. Flower: Mainly due to insufficient baking time or temperature, the moisture content in the raw material exceeds the standard.

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